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Last Thursday, from Representative Jason Smith (r):

Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
Special Counsel Mueller’s report has delivered the final nail in the collusion coffin. Anyone who pushes the false collusion narrative after today is playing into Russian hands to divide our country and cast doubt on our elections. The case is closed; it’s time to move on.
4:54 PM – 18 Apr 2019

Thus spake Nathan Thurm.

Some of the responses:

I guess you didn’t read it.

Now that’s some quality spin right there

Not really. I don’t even think it’s a mediocre lie.

So, nothing to say about a lying Press Secretary, 10 possible obstruction charges, 12 other charges that have been out sourced, or a lying AG?

Trump on appointment of Mueller. “This is the end of my presidency. I’m fucked.” That’s the statement of an innocent man?

I’m still struggling to understand why 140 different contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia doesn’t both you. Why don’t you care that it’s been *proven* that they interfered? Do you love Trump *more* than America?

why all the lying? why hasn’t trump acknowledged the Russian interference and vowed to do something about it? do you suppose it’s because he couldn’t win without it? so many questions

I’m not surprised that you don’t know how to read.

Looks like a clear case of obstruction. Mueller in reports says he “can’t clear the president of obstruction,” and list 10 times he tried to.

Really Jason? Do your eyeballs not connect to your brain? Either you are just blind lying to your followers about the report, or you haven’t even skimmed the report. 10 different impeachable obstruction events are listed – only need 1.

Read the report you half-wit

You should probably take a moment and read it first. Then, you should take a moment to rewrite your stupid tweet.

I need to move to your district just to run against you. Your language alone is a disservice to your constituency.

You apparently didn’t read the report.

The investigation was never looking for “collusion” Bc that’s not a legal term.

But you are excellent at regurgitating talking points that your gullible, Fox-watching supporters are sure to lick up.

You clearly haven’t read it. take the time to soak it in. its just begun, trump is f*cked anyone who pushes the false narrative that it’s over and we must move on is enabling a con man

Move on?

F*ck no.

This is just getting started.

Your boy is an immoral, unpatriotic opportunist.

Really? It established that Russia interfered in our elections for the express purpose of electing Donald Trump. Trump did *nothing* to stop that, in fact, he *encouraged* it. He’s lied repeatedly to the American people. And you’re still his bitch, instead MOO8s.

Reading is fundamental.