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The April quarterly campaign finance reports are due at the Missouri Ethics Commission.

[We don’t have any file photos of Eric Schmitt (r), but then, we don’t run into him out in public in this neck of the woods.]

C071320: Schmitt For Missouri
Committee Type: Candidate
Po Box 220722
Kirkwood Mo 63122
Party Affiliation: Republican
Established Date: 10/12/2007
Information Reported On: 2019 – April Quarterly Report
Beginning Money on Hand $427,831.13
Monetary Receipts + $82,626.70
Monetary Expenditures – $82,682.99
Contributions Made – $0.00
Other Disbursements – $11,801.65
Subtotal ($11,857.94)
Ending Money On Hand $415,973.19

[emphasis added]

Let’s take a look at the contributions:

So, no spontaneous small dollar grassroots contributions?

Some detail: there was one $50.00 contribution, a couple of $100.00 contributions, and a whole bunch of $2,600.00 contributions. With $88,939.83 in itemized contributions from 87 itemized contributors the average contribution this quarter was $1.022.30.

Well, isn’t that special, if not particularly grassrootsie?

And the expenditures?:

Media analysis, consulting, photography, research (polling), fundraising, more consulting.



Elad Gross (D): April Campaign Finance Report – 2019 (April 20, 2019)