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Vicky Hartzler (r) [2018 file photo]

On Tuesday, via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
It’s here: #TaxDay! Thankfully, the new Tax Law we passed grew paychecks throughout the year & doubled the child tax credit. Reminder: your tax refund may be slightly smaller than in previous years, because the new law let you keep more of your paycheck throughout the year!
8:00 AM – 15 Apr 2019

Apparently there aren’t a lot of billionaires who reside in the 4th Congressional District. Some of the responses:

Funny that Vicki feels the need to highlight where constituents might have experienced tax savings, because the savings were so minimal that taxpayers may not have noticed.

Meanwhile, her billionaire donor class had no difficulty locating their windfalls.

If that.

The best way to ensure the people of #MO04 have more money in the bank?

Pay them more for their hard work.

Your constituents voted 2:1 to increase the minimum wage in Missouri. That should be notice that you need to work to increase the federal minimum wage as well.

“Slightly smaller” is the understatement of the century. Way to hit the middle-class in the pocketbook and call it a tax break.

Right. #GOPTaxScam. You don’t need to remind corporate Their tax break is obvious.

I’m sure to millionaires like yourself it’s fantastic. To the rest of us it’s barely noticeable and depressing to watch our national debt skyrocket, but I guess as long as you get yours (TT)¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You forgot: **but remember there is no longer a deduction for children and the tax credit ends when they’re 17 so those of you with college age kids are screwed!

Ha! Ha! No change to my pay check AND I paid more in taxes. You are the BEST!

The new tax law passed by Vicki Hartzler also pushed the Federal deficit to nearly $1 TRILLION (during a healthy economy) and GDP remained below 3% for the year.

Where have all of the Tea Party types gone? NO principles!

Barack Obama inherited a TRILLION DOLLAR deficit and an economy shedding 700k jobs per month and “conservatives” bemoaned Obama for years as deficits were cut by 60%.

Trump inherited a solid economy and immediately balloons the deficit and *CRICKETS*

Let me keep more, that I had to pay back?

This is a joke, right? You honestly think the majority of your constituents are owners of major multi-national corporations? Because looking around at my neighbors, I’m not seeing it.

Oh yes, with the extra $$$ in the take home pay, I was able to upgrade the quality of the toliet paper we use. So take your tax wealth reform and use it to wipe you a$$.

Stop misleading people Vicky. You had to double the child tax credit because you completely eliminated the personal exemptions. The big story here is you expanded the child credit from ~100k max to ~400k max so those poor unfortunate 400k earners will get a hugely fat return.

I paid out thousands more for your bullshit @GOP tax scam so a bunch of rich corporations could buy back more stock. Thanks for nothing you worthless POS.

They appear to be a bit testy.