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Call me anti-Semitic. I dare you.

Via Twitter, today:

Esor @Esor_Fasa
I am a white Jew. I, w/ other white Jews, criticize AIPAC endlessly for buying support. No one bats an eye. But when Black folk, incl. Black Jews, have made similar criticisms, they’re attacked relentlessly. So let’s not pretend the attacks on @IlhanMN aren’t steeped in racism.
9:41 AM – 11 Feb 2019

Uh, yep.

And, a word of advice about others’ trolling:

God @TheGoodGodAbove


Don’t attack each other, for that is what the forces of evil want!

They make fake accounts and say horrible things just to trick and divide you!

Remember how you felt the day after Traitor Trump got elected!

Stay calm and defeat these Nazi bastards!

– God
3:28 PM – 11 Feb 2019

It is all about the Benjamins (By the way, nicely punned).