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“…the classic ‘legal’ definition of chutzpah…a person who kills his parents and pleads for the court’s mercy on the ground of being an orphan…”

Josh Hawley [2016 file photo].

Yeah, we know our file photos of Josh Hawley (r) are getting old. It’s not like he’s traveling around Missouri holding open public town halls in every little town with an even smaller diner on Main Street.

Thursday, from Josh Hawley (r), via Twitter:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Delighted to vote to advance @realDonaldTrump nominee for AG, Bill Barr, to the Senate floor. Experienced, capable, trustworthy. Can’t believe not a single Dem would put politics aside to vote yes
3:17 PM – 7 Feb 2019

Some of the reponses:

Did he promise not to stop Mueller and to release the entire Mueller report unedited?

Darn those checks! Curse those balances!

Sarcasm. Nice.

Might mean he has issues.

Did you not see him whiff the softball question on systemic racism in the justice department? I guess they probably didn’t cover it on Fox News…

@ChrisCoons per @thehill “I believe that my responsibility to assess Mr. Barr’s candidacy requires me to consider Mr. Barr’s entire record, including his more recent writings and statements.”

Nothing about politics.

Do you mind asking him about his support for pardons for people involved with the Iran-Contra Affair? This constituent would just like to have his statements on that on the congressional record.

Show us your emails!

The delight of someone installed by and in service to wealthy, hard right, interests. Your delight is our cringe.


To the point.

Double negative there, Josh. Guess that Kansas City private schooling failed you.

Yeah, but he did use “delighted” in a sentence.

Gee it’s almost as if @senatemajldr popularized obstructionist politics or something

Do you remember Merrick Garland?

Drain the swamp? Barr built the swamp



My girlfriend says you’re the hottest looking Senator right now

Merrick Garland

You still in office? How is that investigation going of wrongdoing while you were MO AG?

All in all I think you are a worthless, corrupt, lying scumbag but I will admit, your remarkable ability to master the art of hypocrisy in such a short period of time is very impressive.

More sarcasm. Nice.

You on jail yet Josh?

Hmmmm. Remember #MerrickGarland you fake Christian, lying anti-American.

Another Trump apologist.

Yeah, just like you put politics aside when you voted to lift the Russian sanctions!

Well you jumped right into a partisan shutdown and I saw you vote party line over and over. You are the pot calling the kettle black here, Sir.