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So, this happened today:

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Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1
The Hill IDs the congressman who yelled “go back to Puerto Rico” at Rep. Tony Cardenas (who’s not from P.R.) as Republican Rep. Jason Smith.

Cardenas: “It’s sad that anything even remotely close to that would be said to me…

4:39 PM – 17 Jan 2019

Oh, my.

Jason Smith (r) represents the 8th Congressional District in Missouri.

“…Nobody knows in America
Puerto Rico’s in America!…”
West Side Story (1957)

There are a lot of responses on Jason Smith’s (r) Twitter account:

You do realize literally everyone in the world would rather go to Puerto Rico than Missouri right? Fodor’s actually ranked you between Myanmar and Honduras in awfulness.

Respectfully, where’s your decorum as a House of Representatives’ member?

Complete lapse of manners to yell “go back to Puerto Rico” while on the floor of our Congress.

You owe the citizens of this nation, and their representatives, an apology for your rudeness.



* it’s okay if you’re a republican

I can’t believe I have to admit you are my rep. You are also a racist ass. Resign you don’t represent our state.

Talk about embarrassing, your behavior is inexcusable.

You really shouted “go back to Puerto Rico?” To a minority colleague on the floor of the house? Boo.


Your crazy is showing buddy, might wanna tuck that back in.

Didn’t you know Puerto Rico is a part of the United States? You should be ashamed of your behavior. It was not befitting a U.S. Representative.


Reprehensible behavior on the House floor today. Extremely disappointed but sadly not shocked. #racism

Thanks for making sure none of us would mistake you for a good person.

Ouch, that one left a mark.

Actually have you been to Puerto Rico? Lately? Helped out much?

I truly hope everyone calls you out repeatedly for your bad behavior. I read people didn’t know who you were, I guess we do now. Congratulations, you’re “that guy that yelled go back to Puerto Rico”. Not that impressive.

Does this rep know Puerto Rico is part of the US? That the people there are US citizens? Would he have told a Congressman to “go back to Sioux Falls”?

I heard what you said on the House floor. It was unbecoming of your title to behave in this manner. #PuertoRico = Americans. You spoke in a negative manner about Americans. Apologize then resign.

The people you represent must be so embarrassed by you. Very sad for them.

Resign you racist! Have all of you lost your minds??

You need to be removed from Congress!!
#Racist f*ck
You don’t represent my #America

Oh, my.

So does being from Puerto Rico somehow diminish his ability to legislate, or his humanity? Does it make him any less an American in your view?

Did you yell “go back to Puerto Rico” at a fellow congressman?

Apparently he did.

Republican Congressman is offended at the decorum of a colleague, yet shouts a clearly racist remark at a MEXICAN descended colleague to go back to puerto rico. You can try to spin however you like, but you were clearly going for racism Mr Smith.

Life in the minority is tough.

You shouted “Go back to Puerto Rico” to @RepCardenas.
– Puerto Rico is part of the U.S.
– Mister Cardenas is not born in Puerto Rico.

Did you really yell “go back to Puerto Rico?” Because if you did, I think you should resign.

Ridiculous. You yell at a House Rep to “go back to Puerto Rico” and expect us to take you seriously? Apologize.

You and your behavior today has been identified. I’m guessing you’re cool with your racism considering how comfortable you were screaming “go back to Puerto Rico” at a Hispanic congressmen. Nice to see such great workplace behavior.

There are hundreds of responses.