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At 9:00 a.m. today the annual University of Central Missouri Homecoming parade commenced in Warrensburg. In an election year there are the usual entries from candidates and political parties.

There were entries for Democratic Party and Reublican candidates and office holders. There was an entry supporting medical marijuana (Amendment 2 on the November ballot) and an entry for the Libertarians.

Candidate and issues groups passed out literature. Much of this ended up on the ground. The candy others distributed to children along the parade route faired a little better. Just a reminder, six year olds don’t vote.

There were Moms demanding action:



Someone in the crowd had a sign:

Vote Blue.

We do take some nice photographs.

No, Representative Hartzler (r), you don’t have permission to use this image.

Connie Simmons, the Democratic Party candidate in the 53rd Legislative District.

Renee Hoagenson, the Democratic Party candidate in the 4th Congressional District.


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