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This afternoon Senator Claire McCaskill (D) made a campaign stop in Warrensburg to speak to over fifty volunteers and suporters at the local coordinated campaign office.

Senator Claire McCaskill at a campaign stop in Warrensburg – October 28, 2018.

“…We have done this a little differently this time. Uh, you know, in the old days I used to think that TV is where it was at. They clearly think that. If you haven’t noticed they’re spending, um, well, frankly, they’re spending more here than anywhere in the country, just so you know. I don’t know whether to be complimented or offended. [laughter] Um, I think they are frustrated ’cause I think they thought this was going to be easy. But, Missourians, we have a mind of our own…”

“…You know me, I like to go everywhere. I am not somebody who believes in just campaigning on the I-70 corridor. I believe in going to every corner of this state and talking, every where I can, because, you know what, there’s voters everywhere. I mean, I’m not saying I’m going to win in some of those counties, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t show up and show respect. Because I represent the entire state, not just the blue parts, not just the purple parts. I also represent the red part…”

“…We’ve been trying to stop in places even where, typically, Democratic candidates wouldn’t stop in in the last two weeks of a campaign. And, we thought, well, we’ll stop in in…and I said to the campaign, I said, you know, don’t, let’s don’t put any pressure…we’re just going to stop in and shake a few hands of the people who were there. We stopped…and, I mean, people were everywhere. It was so fun. I have never seen it before, and I’ve, as you guys know, Josh Hawley’s told you ever ten minutes I’ve been doing this for a while [laughter]…”

“…You know what that vote was? [in reference to an attack ad] This is unbelievable. That was a vote in 2008 and it was a vote to allow debate. [laughter] That’s it. That’s all it was. It was a vote to allow debate. I was on the record that I was opposed to the bill, both in newspaper and in print, also I formally on the record, in the Senate record, I had filed my opposition to the bill. But, I was perfectly willing to let us debate it. There was a time that we actually debated more things.[laughter] It all wasn’t decided in [Republican Senate Leader] Mitch McConnell’s office. So, they’ve taken me voting to allow debate and spent about five million dollars trying to convince Missourians I voted to raise utility bills. That’s just one example…”

“…I’m really here to tell you about why I would be a stronger, better senator for the people of this community. I’m really here to tell you that I will be the one protecting pre-existing conditions, that’s pretty obvious. [applause] I would never sue to take that away, particularly since there’s no backup. And people say, well, he’s on TV saying he supports them. Say then, why did he ask the judge to make the decision [after] November? Did you know that? He went to court and asked the judge to make a decision on the case after November, not before November. After November. He didn’t want the case decided before we voted because he knows there’s no backup there. He knows there’s nothing there to protect people if his lawsuit is successful…”

“…Medicare and Social Security are also on the ballot. In his lawsuit he will be taking away prescription D benefits, in the Medicare part D program. He will also be taking away free prevention appointments in Medicare. And, how many of you got the AARP magazine this month? All right, go and look at it and look at the side by side on Medicare and Social Security. You will find that Josh Hawley’s said that he thinks Social Security should be means tested and he thinks it’s okay if we keep moving the age of retirement up. So, and we all know, all we need to do to fix Social Security is to raise the cap to $250,000 and it’s good until…2080. So, we’ve got to make sure everybody knows, health care’s on the ballot, Medicare and Social Security is on the ballot, getting rid of dark money is on the ballot, and protecting working people is on the ballot. [applause] I was against Prop A, Josh Hawley is all down with Prop A. And, by the way, way out of step with Missouri on that, Missouri voted two to one against right to work for less. And Josh Hawley is one hundred percent for right to work. And now, minimum wage. This state will vote by a very wide margin to increase the minimum wage. I’m confident of that, a week from Tuesday. Josh Hawley’s opposed to it…”

After addressing the crowd, Senator McCaskill took time to greet everyone and for selfies with volunteers and supporters.

A conversation with a constituent on the way to the campaign bus.


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