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Why Trump’s insistence on using unsecured phones is such a disaster
10/25/18 08:00 AM
By Steve Benen
…Let’s count the ways in which this is a disaster for the president. First, it offers proof of Trump putting sensitive information at risk, not accidentally, but as a result of neglect and laziness. On any given day, the president of the United States knowingly picks up unsecured mobile devices, has private conversations, and remains indifferent to the fact that foreign spies may be listening and recording everything that’s said…

Late last night, a question, in the aftermath of the news about pipe bombs that were sent or delivered to a number of Democrats and a news organization:

Michael McFaul @McFaul
Did Trump call Obama or Clinton today?
11:44 PM – 24 Oct 2018

Someone wins the internets:

Jamison Foser @jamisonfoser
dunno. ask China.
11:54 PM – 24 Oct 2018


When Fascism comes to America it will be produced like a reality TV show, clutching its social media feed… (October 25, 2018)