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June 18, 2013:

Bob Woodward: ‘…it is astonishing to hear the rage and anger and, uh, it, the job of the president is to serve the country and the dog that doesn’t bark on thousands of hours of Nixon tapes, to my knowledge no one ever says, what does the country need, what would be right? The question always was, uh, what’s, how can Nixon use his power to use, uh, the power of the presidency to, uh, you, kind of come up with vengeful acts, get the CIA, the IRS, get the, uh, FBI on people who are political opponents. Well, the presidency is not something to be converted to an instrument of personal revenge. It’s about what the country needs. And that doesn’t come up in the Nixon tapes. That’s the horrify, it’s not crimes, abuses, in the end the sadness of Nixon is the smallness that was always of him…’

This evening:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Statement from White House @PressSec, Sarah Sanders:
5:49 PM – 4 Sep 2018

The responses on Twitter are priceless.