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“I come from a state that raises corn and cotton, cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I’m from Missouri, and you have got to show me.” – Congressman Willard Vandiver (1899)

Josh Hawley (r), the republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, continues to exhibit difficulty mastering the social media thing for his campaign. Early this evening:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
As a U.S. Senator, I will fight for MO’s middle class. You work hard, pay your share, & yet you’re mocked by every liberal from D.C. to Hollywood. Your wages are too low, health care costs are too high. It’s time someone stood up for you & that’s exactly what I will do. #MOSen
5:11 PM – 19 Aug 2018

Much hilarity ensues in the responses:

Hasn’t that been your job for the last 19 or so months? All you’ve done is fight for your corporate sponsors AGAINST us.

You’ve not done any of that as AG, why believe you now, esp in re your lawsuit to remove pre-existing condition protection in healthcare?
You lob false allegations against Claure while she’s actually on the job and you’re standing all alone on a trailer at the state fair.

You are currently co-signed on a lawsuit to allow insurance companies to revoke insurance due to pre-existing conditions. If it succeeds it will be devastating to the middle class. People shouldn’t be punished for getting sick.

As you fight to make it so insurance companies can discriminate against folks with preexisting conditions. You will not be a senator

There are bills in the US Senate to address min wage & healthcare cost, none of them get any traction because of Mitch McConnell. But you may know McConnell as Senate Leadership Fund, one of the main PACs funding your campaign. #MOSen

I’m a middle class Union worker, I didn’t see you opposing Proposition A.

About that:

State of Missouri – Primary Election, August 07, 2018
Unofficial Results
as of 8/19/2018 6:52:21 PM

Proposition A
3228 of 3228 Precincts Reported
YES 452,075 32.539%
NO 937,241 67.461%
Total Votes: 1,389,316

[emphasis added]

If wages are too low, why do you support right to work? It’s wrong for Missouri.

Unless you have a pre-existing condition, right Josh? Exactly how are you going to bring my health care costs down? I vote on specifics, not platitudes.

No you won’t

You say this, but your actions send precisely the opposite message. I believe your actions.

What have you done to raise wages? Seems to me you were in Jeff City failing low wage workers while their minimum wage increase was taken away. I didn’t hear you advocating for minimum wage earners in St. Louis.

Sure…take away pre existing healthcare…that’s NOT fighting for the middle class. Sit down with a family that is middle class and willing to outline their medical needs. Its not what you think. At all.

As a Missourian in the middle class, who will you help those of us with pre-existing conditions still get healthcare? What is your position on the trade war that is costing hard working Missourians a lot of money and some their jobs?

Hollywood & liberals aren’t mocking anyone. We’re too busy ADVOCATING and FIGHTING FOR the middle & working class. It’s called No RTW. It’s called fair minimum wages. It’s called affordable healthcare with no pre-existing conditions. It’s called the Democratic platform.

Good lord, you’re full of shit, Hairgel

Did we happen to mention that Missourians are also very outspoken?

Where were you when Missouri overwhelmingly rejected Right To Work? Not on the side of unions and wage earners. You seek to undo progress that is hard fought and won in this state. You hold back the average worker, and embrace those who ignore the will of most Missourians.

You will sell out every resident of MO to the insurance company who will line your pockets. Who are you kidding hollow words.

As a senator you and Trump will destroy Missouri healthcare,SS,work to lower wages roll back minimum wage,Medicare and Medicaid destroyed…Missouri does not need to go backward …by a little boy that is wet behind the ears

Hawley really thinks he’ll get by this campaign without explaining one single thing he will do for Missouri (except take away healthcare from millions of Missourians, and vote AGAINST unions).

“Your wages are too low, health care costs are too high.” And you’re a republican who won’t do anything to fix it. You can lie to yourself and you can lie to your sycophants Josh. But the rest of us know a ladder climber when we see one.

How will you fight for us? What’s your plan? You can’t just say you will fight. Why should I vote for you?

Keep stepping on that rake, Josh.


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