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No distance whatsoever.

Yesterday, via Twitter, from Governor Mike Parson (r):

Mike Parson @mikeparson
Honored to have lunch with @realDonaldTrump today – great working discussions on key issues like workforce development and infrastructure. #MissouriForward
3:02 PM – 21 Jun 2018

Some of the responses:

Using the word “honored” to be in the presence of Trump worries me.

You said that we in Missouri are proud of the leadership in Washington. You better just speak for yourself. You don’t know what we think. A large number of us are angry, not proud. Don’t presume to speak for me.

Please tell me you are better than this. Please. I’ve lowered my expectations to just basic human decency at this point.

You weren’t even voted in. And you are shaking hands with someone who thinks children are political pawns. #MissouriBackward

How does it feel to shake hands with the Devil?

Haven’t heard much from you since taking over, Mike…not a great start.

Did you visit any Kiddie Konsentration Kamps on your trip?

Wrong answer, Mike. #ChildrenInCages #Shame

Guessing you didn’t discuss tariffs that are shuttering jobs all across Missouri?

Well Gov. you just shook the hand of the man that’s gonna be TOXIC to your political career!!!

Are you serious? That is ghastly.

Let’s just put babies on spikes, then, shall we? …… Do you have a flag?

You know he’s a terrible person right? #notagreatstart

I had high hopes you would be a consensus builder, instead you associate with a racist babysnatcher. You’re just like the rest of them.

Working with a person who locks kids in a cage.

Can’t get much more tone deaf than dining with him while children are in cages in this country because of him.

You have a sad barometer for measuring honor.

That’s what you call starting off on the right(wingnut) foot.