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Unless Josh Hawley (r) has an inside the Washington, D.C. beltway insider campaign fundraiser. Then he walks from Columbia Jefferson City, right?

Josh Hawley (r) whined on social media that Claire McCaskill (D) used her own plane on her own dime to travel for part of her recent campaign swing through the state. Think about that for just a second. Then Donald Trump (r) whined about the same thing on social media. Think about that for just a second. Now that Air Force One is the world’s most expensive golf cart.

Old media peed their collective pants.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) – Kansas City – June 9, 2018.

A press release from Senator Claire McCaskill’s (D) campaign:


Statement from Senator Claire McCaskill

Missouri – Senator Claire McCaskill released the following statement:

“Paying on my own dime to visit more Missouri veterans is not something I’m going to apologize for.”

We’re now waiting for old media to catalog the campaign flight travel for every U.S. Senate candidate during this cycle.