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Representative Billy Long (r) [2013 file photo].

This morning, via Twitter:

Billy Long @auctnr1
If he one day runs for President of the Korean Peninsula perhaps you can give him some pointers on running a successful Presidential campaign? @realDonaldTrump #MAGA

Marco Rubio @marcorubio
One more thing about KJU. While I know @potus is trying to butter him up to get a good deal, #KJU is NOT a talented guy. He inherited the family business from his dad & grandfather. He is a total weirdo who would not be elected assistant dog catcher in any democracy.

10:36 AM – 12 Jun 2018

Well, isn’t that special?

Some of the responses:

Which part of North #Korea’s style of governance do you like best, Billy? Extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape or forced abortions? You disgrace the body in which you serve.

It’s kind of weird to mock the failures of someone in your profession who has had far more success than you have. Rubio had an unsuccessful Presidential run, but no one outside your district has ever even heard of you.

ex-US Ambassador to North Korea Chris Hill on summit outcome: “Forgettable. joint statement weaker than any previous one since 1992. There is no way forward, no roadmap, no diplomatic strategy.”

Billy is defending NK DICTATOR while trashing US allies. He’s 100% Team Treason.

Kim is a dictator, dude. Rubio is right to criticize him.

Billy Long with the worst twitter take of the day

There’s a #SpecialPlaceInHell for anyone who makes me consider defending @marcorubio.

“TRUMP got taken to the cleaners bc he’s ignorant & monumentally unprepared. What did Kim Jong Un give up w/ regard to training his million man army? 12K North Korean artillery pieces are locked loaded & trained on Seoul. He learned Trump is a stupendous fool” – @SteveSchmidtSES

Billy can you just put the flag of the DPK and Russia in your Twitter profile so we’re all more clear on your starting point?

Rubio is a weasel, yes, but he’s not lying.

Are you declaring your support for Kim Jong Un? That’s what it sounds like to the world…yikes.

Glad to know you’re looking out for your constituents and not a dictator from a hostile foreign power. Cant wait to vote.

I’m no @marcorubio fan but Congressman, that was uncalled for.

The unbelievable moment when their “Dear Leader” becomes our “Dear Leader.”

Please look up what successful means. Also, please look up what Dictator means.

Do you thing he will ever “run” a campaign and you are okay with the human rights violations he is committing? It is a shame the way we have giving all our cards without having any kind of guarantee from him. I trust his word about as much as I trust our President’s.

So you’re sticking up for a dictator and criminal? Glad to see you’re representing Missouri well.


Are you seriously defending Kim Jong Un?

Do elaborate, Billy. What model of governing will be adopted? Putting political enemies in prison? Starving the citizenry? Oh, killing family? Or kidnapping folks from other countries? Fencing people in & shooting them if they try to leave? Torture?

Defending a dictator?

I guess it’s only a short leap to go from defending one dictator to another.

You’re DEFENDING Kim Jong Un, now?! #traitor #fucktrump

What the hell is wrong with Republicans? Congressman, you’re defending a dictator.

You’re suggesting Kim Jong Un could be a politician in a unified, democratic Korea, rather than spending life in prison for crimes against humanity? Nice.

You know dictators don’t run for election right ? Maybe you shouldn’t diss your fellow congress person over a brutal dictator me thinks.

You really defended Kim Jong Un? This is seriously happening? This is why we’ll see the end of the GOP in my lifetime. This is why no one trusts the government anymore. #endtheGOP #votehimout

So you think a guy who fed his uncle to dogs, starve his people, and commits numerous other atrocities is talented good guy who needs defending? Folks this is your gop and what they stand for

Wow defending KJU? This is what you call being a “conservative” now? Pass.

Are you defending…. (checks notes) …. brutal dictator Kim Jong Un?!??? So now GOP is cool with Putin, Duterte and KJU but not Trudeau or Merkel? Got it. We see you.

WTF. Kim Jong Un executed his uncle. What is wrong with you?

Cast your lot with a murderous autocrat over a GOP Senator. “America first”, right? Or is it actually “Trump first”?

So now you’re defending KJU? This is really how low the GOP has sunk? You’re a sad, sad man.

So you’re supporting Kim Jong Un? REALLY?

WTF is wrong with you? You defend Kim Jong Un? Unfriggin believable. This Republican Party have lost their minds.

Yeah, get him Billy!

Don’t let him get away with criticizing a dictator!!

Republicans butthurt about a communist dictator being insulted. Never thought I’d see the day.

You guys really try to out stupid each other, right? It’s a competition.

Billy Long is pro-Kim Jong Un. Got it.

And on and on…