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Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday on Twitter, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Rep. Vicky Hartzler‏ @RepHartzler
Historic event at White House this afternoon celebrating passage of massive #taxcuts for American families & businesses. #morejobs #biggerpaychecks #lowertaxes @SpeakerRyan @RepAnnWagner @RepDianeBlack @RepTenney @RepMarthaRoby
1:04 PM – 20 Dec 2017

Some of the testy responses:

How big was your bag of lobbyist cash when you sold your vote?

It only comes in small unmarked brown bags, they can’t risk it being traced lol.

This bill won’t do any of those things. Please stop lying to us. You voted yes so you could keep getting campaign donations from rich Republicans. You should NOT be celebrating. You should be working to fund CHIP, fix the ACA, & help the Dreamers. Work for ALL your constituents

At this point the probability is zero.

Hi Vicky. Thanks for letting me know that you were part of this cluster f***. Could you also tell me who your democratic challenger is in 2018? I would like to donate to their campaign.

We voters have long memories. Kiss your jobs goodbye, GOP.

Here’s hoping.

Thanks for adding to the National debt for my grandchildren.

Don’t worry about the national debt. The GOP will use social security and medicare/cade to off set the debt increase.

2018. We know what you are.

You truly sicken me. I really have no words for how horrible you people are.

Are they smiling because 9 million children in low income families are losing their #CHIP health care?

They really have done ZERO except collect paychecks and campaign donations, every now and then they show up for a scripted chat on TV. No real substance!

We know who you work for. You can never again say anything about the exploding deficit.

Look at all of those greedy Republicans that abuse their political power to make their greedy old GOP donors even wealthier. Republicans will cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to give their billionaire GOP donors huge tax cuts. It’s a scam to hurt the poor & middle class

What does it feel like to have no soul?

#SuchDiversity #HistsoricallyBad #BiggerPayChecks4YourDonors #BlueWave #MOforMO #BeBold #2018IsComing

#Taxscam. How do you sleep at night after lying like that?

How sad that you believe this….

Did you kiss Trumps Ring? The group looks like a bunch of sell out ur constituents for a few free trips to Mar a Lago. #Shame

The Wives of Stepford. The Souless Chorus.

Great job, you bunch of ghouls.

So how much money do you stand to gain with this #taxscam ?

What a crock!

You bask in this temporary appearance of victory…we, the people, are coming for your job in ’18!! VOTE THEM OUT!!!

Hope you’re voted out!

Good luck on the job hunt after November ’18

Lies upon more lies

Vicky, your vote for this tax scam makes you complicit with Paul Ryan. It hurts teachers, college students & working families in your district. #CareerEnder

Remember CHIP? Don’t let the children you’ve failed get in the way of you counting your money

Yep, yuck it up, you guys just hijacked the American people. Ransom to be paid by the poor.

More lies and examples of republicans ignoring their constituents and putting party over country. #shame #hypocrites

An historic transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich. Congratulations

Matthew 25:35-45 ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’[….]

She along with every one pictured in this Publicity stunt photo opt would walk over a starving child to get a campaign donation from a wealthy fat cat.

Doubt it. It’s very short term for regular Americans, very long term for corporate America. Plus how can they tell us what’s in it when none of them read it? They just took the word of their aides who read it? All very convenient. Start reading the actual bills you are voting on!


You are making the assumption that she would agree that short term tax cuts us and long term, deep tax cuts for her corporate donors are a bad thing. When Trump bleats out an order, Rep. Hartzler is there – no questions asked. Time we found a rep that stood up for our district.

What’s the time line? When are you coming for Social Security and Medicare since youre blowing up the deficit?

We’ll make sure this is never forgotten Vicky

Time to update that resume

Vote them out!!

How much will you and your family make off this Rep Hartzer? [….]

And your constituents asked for this? I guess we will see come re-election time. You can always go work for your donors.

You really think that wages will go up lol. All the money that companies will save will not trickle down but go in the pockets of the owners/CEO and upper mangement. Stop pretending to care about the middle class when you dont.

#TaxScam short term gains but misery to come for millions because of your short sighted goals. I know the lobbyists who wrote the bill will be happy! Shame on you and your colleagues. I would wish you Happy Holiday but you do not deserve any.

Trump stated (falsely) he wont make out on GOP Tax plan. Have him release his Tax records and prove me wrong. Hope you enjoyed D.C voters will remember and you will be voted out.

enjoy the victory lap because when it come time for you to ask for the voters to keep you in your seat they will reject you because you voted AGAINST the working class to enrich the 1% and BIG corporations.

Huge, permanent cuts for the rich. Tiny, temporary cuts for the middle class to distract is. I’m sick of all this winning.

That was pathetic! Was there beer again? Because a lot of those speakers who were groveling at Trumps feet must have been drunk to demean themselves to glorify the Narcissist in Chief! I like my Presidents not to be treated like kings.


We will do our best to make sure that the price of this tax bill atrocity is your political career.

Devil’s deal. We little people are royally screwed.

They’re not buying the bridge or the swamp land.