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This morning, via Twitter, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Rep. Vicky Hartzler‏ @RepHartzler
Reading through the #TaxCutsandJobsAct yesterday afternoon. Looking forward to voting on this historic legislation later today and getting Americans one step closer to relief. #TuesdayThoughts
8:21 AM – 19 Dec 2017 from Washington, DC

People aren’t buying it. Some of the responses:

As a constituent of yours, I urge you to vote no on this bill. If you continue to vote against the will of your constituents, I WILL do everything in my power to vote you out.

Start packing your office.

I assume you’re highlighting the parts where you personally profit?

Haha you didn’t read shit and don’t need a highlighter, just a rubber stamp.

Twitter continually disagrees with your policies and you don’t listen to your constituents. How sad that you aren’t even doing your job correctly by representing the citizens of Missouri.

And one step closer to an additional trillion in debt. Remember when you cared about that?

Well. Historic is one way to put it. #GOPTaxScamBill #resignvicky

Like the lady said, instead of tax reform why don’t you just require every poor or middle-class person to send $1,000 every year to their favorite rich person? I despise you so much I can’t even see straight anymore.

Are you highlighting all of the text that benefits you personally and your major donors?

Bullshit! The tax cuts to the wealthy bill will ruin the lives of millions of Americans. We, the majority, will work to overthrow the republican congress in 2018. Then #Impeachment of @realDonaldTrump the obscenity in the @WhiteHouse

She doesn’t because she has a heart of stone. She doesn’t give a damn about all the children who are going to lose insurance because of lack of funding to CHIP program. AR just came out today& said they’re not signing up anymore kids & most of them will lose coverage in February

It’s not often a Republican writes the ad for the democrat that will unseat her. [….]

One of the most corrupt tax bills Of All Times according to several independent sources-which makes you corrupt for promoting it Cant hardly wait to vote you out. You haven’t listened to your constituents EVER. Over 70% of Americans against but ourTWITVicky Vicky is all gung-ho

If I need relief I’ll take a Rolaids. #TaxScamBill

With something this important, don’t you think you should have started reading it sooner???
Nothing like last minute cramming with something that has potential to harm millions.


Like anyone believes that
A) that small stack of pages is the entirety of the bill, and
B) that you’d bother to read it before voting along party lines
You’re pathetic and cowardly

You’ve sunk to a new low. #GOPTaxScam

Well @SenBobCorker and @RoyBlunt get a special kickback. And we know you’re too pathetic to not ask for something, how much will your vote cost us?

You are a disgrace to Missouri.

You are HORRIBLE. HOW dare you vote to give tax cuts to the rich, take money from Medicare and increase the deficit? You call yourself a public servant??? You are a disgrace.

Some of the comments on Facebook:

Which Americans? The super wealthy? Or us middle class peons who end up getting considerably less? And what is your stance on Net Neutrality? Going to side with Ajit Pai and his corporate handlers?

Nice to know you are so proud to stand only for the wealthy. You are a disgrace to your constituents.

Highlighting the parts where you get to line your pockets. Isn’t that nice?

A bill is less popular than the ACA, written in secret, no sharing of ideas or compromise, no public comment period is not something to be proud of. A very good example of party over people. Since most corporations pay less than 20% now and get to keep all of their deductions doesn’t that make their effective tax rate in the single digits? You just screwed your constituents over, bigly.

So sad that you only think of the wealthy like yourself. Like so many congressmen you have lined your own pockets while serving us!

Explain how a bill this unpopular,with 77percent of the American people against it, can you vote for it? Is this representative governing? This is a giveaway to the rich. The poor , elderly . And the middle class will suffer!

How can you sleep at night and look at yourself in the mirror in the morning?

Relief? Are you resigning?

Its good for corporations that are ‘people,’ but not people who aren’t corporations.

‘sad’ -my best Trump voice

Shame on you for non-support of the middle class…it will take a while for people to realize how you have given a bit and have taken away hughly!!!

And I’m looking forward to voting you out of office in November. Go back home and collect your nearly half a million a year in farm subsidies.

Your tax bill is extremely unpopular. If you have read it and still vote for it, you are not representing your constituency. You will not in all likelihood be in office next voting round!

This is nothing but a huge gift to the rich, at the expense of the middle class. Shame.

I’ve never been very politically active before, but you’re an inspiration. I’ll be spending a lot of time helping in the campaign to replace you.

It explodes the debt that is all you need to know. Where are your reading glasses?

Already our Social Security and Medicare are under attack and any savings will be withdrawn by 2027 for working people but the wealthy like you will have permanent cuts.


Greed. Nothing more.

[….]My definition is giving Corporations a huge tax cut so they can buy back stock and give dividends to their shareholders, without any restrictions on having to create a single job. We live in a demand economy. Companies don’t create stuff if the stuff they already created isn’t selling. When the federal government gives crumbs to the poor and middle class, demand for goods and services suffers, and so does the economy.

You’re either a liar or you’re incredibly gullible. We know that this tax plan is a scam. Stop trying to sell it as something that’s going to help us.

The tax bill is an act of class warfare, so “playing the class warfare card” is completely appropriate. The tax bill rewards wealth-hoarding by the already-rich, not investments. The U.S. already has one of the lowest tax rates in the developed world. The cuts are going to throw us deeper into deficit, and then our government will claim that there’s no money for public services. Lovely.

There is no reason other than greed to give away most of the tax breaks to corporations that are already showing record profits. This Is a lie and a travesty. This will be the downfall of the GOP.

Thanks for voting Party over Country!

It’s a scam. We’re all going to suffer the biggest con-job by con-man Trump and you’re part of the problem.

The only Americans getting relief from this tax bill will the the president and his cronies with private jets and business in real estate. Their tax break will be carried on the backs of the middle class.

Are you going to buy a jet or do you already have one?

Your constituents do NOT want this!!! If you would actually hold Town Halls where not only your supporters attend, you would know that you are not representing those you are elected to represent.

You should be ashamed

The majority of Americans don’t favor a corporate tax giveaway and increasing the debt. She will look then look for ways to pay for it through cuts to essential services. They had to recently avoid a government shutdown by raising the debt. Pretty soon they won’t be re-elected- ( see Virginia and Alabama)

This tax bill is a scam! It does not bring anyone relief but the very rich and big corporations. My sister is married to a physically disabled person with Cerebral Palsy. They have more than $10,000 a year in medical bills which they could deduct. Now they will get a measly little tax break instead of being able to deduct their medical expenses. Thanks for nothing!!

What we need relief from is politicians like you who are giving the tax breaks to the millionaires!! Shame on you!!

The dragon lady with no heart needs to obey her corporate masters.

When everything I read online from multiple, varying invested interests outlets say that this is bad for the american people but good for the extremely wealthy. Then you have the “evidence based” lies coming out of our elected officials mouths and the fact the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want this. It seems as if our voices are not being listened to. It is apparent Vicky needs to be removed. Don’t forget to vote.

Face it Vicky won’t read ANY of these comments nor has she had TOWN-HALL meetings that weren’t staged. The Corporations claim her as a dependent on their taxes lol

Thanks for choosing rich donors over your constituents. You have shown exactly where your priorities lie and we will not forget how full your pockets are of tax payer money.

This is late stage capitalism at its finest. As empires crumble they build monuments to themselves and plant the seeds of their own destruction. This bill is one such example and you are playing your part perfectly.

Remember the Republican party is doing this to our on behalf of those that pay them not the American people.

Probability of open public town halls in the district over the break? Zero.