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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Today, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r), via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler‏ @RepHartzler
It was an honor to speak on behalf of religious freedom and Masterpiece Cake Shop’s Jack Phillips this morning at the #SCOTUS #JusticeforJack rally.
8:39 AM – 5 Dec 2017

Nice touch there, using an image of Martin Luther King, Jr. to promote bigotry.

And, of course, some of the responses do not disappoint:

I love her thoughtful, heartfelt canned auto replys…makes me feel so special & I know my voice is being heard! #sarcasm

You’re the worst Vicky Hartzler.

In which Rep Hartzler spends more time trying to legalize discrimination than she does having face-to-face meetings with her constituents.

You are a comically terrible representative for Missouri.

It would be great if you spent half as much time championing the Missourians you theoretically work for as you do a baker in Colorado.

How sad that you feel honored to defend hate! Your hate is not based on the teachings of Jesus. Sad.

You must not be a biblical scholar. It’s all there in the book of Republicanonican

I am. However, I thought this hate is found in the book of Midas. You know the one that says “blessed are the rich for they are rich and job givers and have paid their way into heaven.”

omg they’re using mlk to support discrimination i am screaming

Are you kidding me???

Yeah, we noticed that, too.

Don’t you dare use MLK’s photo in this bullshit.

A bigot surrounded by bigots. This is unamerican.

You’re Free to practice your religion but NOT to impose your religion on society [….]

1) your constituents are in MO-4
2) why do you support bigotry?

We get it, you’re a bigot.

Your bio says ‘serve the hardworking Missourians’. But just the straight ones, right?

It was an honor to be a bigot? Because that’s exactly what you are.

Vile woman.

I’ve got a new campaign slogan for you– Homophobic Hater Hartzler from Harrisonville! Why don’t you spend your time helping fellow Missourians instead of a gay hater in Colorado? I really resent you spending my tax dollars this way. You truly sicken me!!! NO Vicky in 2018

And Jesus wept! Do you support all religious freedoms or only those of Christianity? America is not just a Christian nation. Freedom of Religion is for all religions or those that choose not to believe.


It would be even better if you learned how to give a shit about America being destroyed from within by a Kremlin Puppet. But nooooo, gotta keep those fake Christian values front & center.

My other question is why are you out there with a homophobe when you should be at your job trying to help fix the tax bill?

Good question, but you didn’t really need to ask to get an answer.