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This morning, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r), via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler‏ @RepHartzler
Horrified & heartbroken to learn of the lost lives & injuries in Las Vegas last night by shooter. My prayers are with all. #PrayForLasVegas
6:27 AM – 2 Oct 2017

Some of the responses:

What is your plan to prevent this from happening again? #thoughtsandprayersaintstoppingbullets

I’ll take a wild guess and say you are still going to vote for the silencer bill that will make it harder for police to find shooters. MAGA?

When you take the NRA’s money your words mean nothing. This is your fault.

Stop praying and fight for gun control.

Why do everyday citizens need to 2carry military grade weapons @RepHartzler? Was this persons rights more important than those who died?

.@RepHartzler took $8K from @NRA. She’ll issue statements, but won’t *do* anything to stop gun violence

Urge her to #SendBackTheBloodMoney

Vicky, legislation makes a bigger difference than prayers.


Don’t pray, work. Gun control regulations now.

Prayer isn’t enough. #gunsafetynow

Remember, thoughts & prayers only. Now is not the time to talk about actually doing something to prevent these events from happening again.

Uh, we think that’s sarcasm.

Stop the NRA, then shootings will stop also.

#GunControlNow Stop being sad & make legislation happen #SendBackTheBloodMoney

Please stop praying and start legislating reasonable gun control. We have to stop letting this happen over and over.

Do. Something.

Prayers without action afterwards indicate a hollow faith.

I pray y’all stop praying and start acting. Zero reasons for civilians to have assault rifles. You are not heaven bound unless you act.

Make your actions mean more than your words. Send back the $8K you got from the NRA and vote NO on the silencer bill. #SendBackTheBloodMoney

How dare you pray for the victims of #LasVegasShooting when you have @NRA blood money in your pocket! What gall and greed. Shameful.

Stuff prayers. Put thoughts into action to stop this madness. Otherwise, you’re a coward who values money and power over people’s lives.

When are you sending back the NRA donations? When are you going to do something to prevent gun violence?

How about some action on gun control to minimize the chances of this happening again?

Cash that NRA money hunny!!!

You ought to be ashamed. Stop taking money from the NRA and use your JOB, as a servant of the American people, TO HELP THEM.

“horrified” again? Your prayers aren’t worth the bribe they are printed on.

Are those 58 lives worth the $8000 you took from the NRA?

What will you DO? Praying just doesn’t seem to work!!!!!!!!!!

And you took thousands from the NRA ensuring this sort of thing would continue. This is your fault Vicky.

You got NRA blood money in your pockets!

Yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.

But you gladly have your hand out when the NRA comes calling:
Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R)$7,500

You took $8,000 from NRA… That’s $137.93 per dead body. You got a waaaay better deal than @TomCottonAR You must be so proud… #DonateBloodNV #CommonSenseGunControl #ConstituentsOverDonors

Going to vote for silencers now?

You are one of the 435 people in America that can do something about it, but won’t. Keep your fucking prayers.



If we did nothing after twenty little children (and six others) were murdered in Connecticut what makes anyone think we’ll do anything now?