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She didn’t.

Representative Ann Wagner (r) today, via Twitter:

Ann Wagner‏ @RepAnnWagner
Kicking off my townhall in Chesterfield at RGA! Thanks to the 300 Missourians for attending!
2:57 PM – 29 Aug 2017

Some of the responses:

This is not a townhall. They are at work. Perhaps you could hold a real town hall w/ constituents. How can u represent us if u ignore us?

Why wasn’t this event open to the public? Your constituents in the 2nd (including me) weren’t able to attend. That’s not a Town Hall!…
It’s not even listed on your webpage. But you sure do have a very visible picture of you next to Trump!

You could have spoken to a much larger crowd if this event were open to the public. It’s not a “town hall” when the “town” is not invited.

Ann you’re better than this …

I am a registered voter in Chesterfield. How did you announce you were holding one? By carrier pigeon? Mine got lost in the “air” mail.

This is not a town hall so quit lying! Ask Sen. McCaskill to give you lessons on town halls for all people not just who you want to attend!

And again, this is a rep that thinks they have nothing to worry abt in 2018. #voteannout2018

So you’re going to brag about it on twitter, but where was the announcement?
– a voting constituent

“Thanks to my captive audience of RGA employees. They’ll sign up to hear anyone speak to get a little time away from their desks!”

Speaking to workers in the the middle of a work day is not a townhall #coward

How many times have I called and asked for a town hall? Where was this publicized? Why wasn’t I invited?

Hey Ann! Talked to your staff – why didn’t you let them know you had a Town Hall. They were Clueless!

.@RepAnnWagner hosting an “invitation-only” meeting…2nd District Constituents not invited. This was not a public event. #NotOk

A TH is where constituents have the opportunity to stand up in a public meeting and question you on issues; not A$$-kissing private events.

Real town halls are publicized and open to all. This is no more a town hall than Harlem Globetrotters vs NJ Generals is a basketball game.

That’s not a townhall according to American political tradition. It is not an open event.

Nope. #notatownhall. Why are you afraid of your constituents?

Fake News! How do you call a staged private event with paid attendees a town hall? Did you you answer staff-planted Q’s with relative ease?

At 3pm on a Tuesday? And why was I not aware? I’ve been asking.

3 words

That is not a Town Hall, that is a chamber event you were invited to.

If it’s not open to the public, it’s NOT a town hall, Congresswoman.

But Ann, you didn’t invite the townsfolk to your Town Hall!

Didn’t want to face your constituents? Phony town hall. Can you say BS???

And on and on…


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