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Asking a photo of Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R) a question about health care at a town hall in Warrensburg.

Well, Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) was reportedly in Warrensburg yesterday for a drop in visit to a local manufacturing plant. She didn’t take advantage of the opportunity later in the evening to meet with constituents from the 4th Congressional District who had arranged their own town hall meeting in Warrensburg to ask her a few questions.

Over twenty individuals attended the program which included a welome from Indivible KC; an update on rural mental health from Chris Cornbluth, a licensed clinical social worker; and constituent questions and comments for Representative Hartzler (r) addressed to her photograph.

Chris Kornbluth.

A majority of the discussion and questions concerned the negative effects on access to health care in the district because of the current administration’s policies and the congressional majority’s rubber stamp approval. Other questions addressed support for public education and opposition to privatization of the system.

Constituents at the town hall attended from Cass, Johnson, and Pettis counties.

Ann Becker-Schutte, Indivisble KC.

Ann Becker-Schutte, Indivisible KC: [….] This is not a spectator sport. None of us who are unhappy with the way things are going get to sit back and just complain. Because, unless we are showing up, unless we are calling and writing, and appearing at their office door and showing up at Tennessee at a fundraiser , um [laughter]. It happened. The good folks at Indivisible East Tennessee took a whole packet of letters to Senator [Roy] Blunt for us at his fundraiser in Knoxville [Tennessee] during the last recess.

Um, we are not going to not show up anymore. And what we’re looking for is more people who are going to show up with us. So that one voice at a time, one call at a time we can clearly communicate that this is our representative democracy. We may not be writing the thousand dollar checks, but we are the ones who are voting.

And so we’re gonna ask you to call and to write and to show up. And we’re going to ask you to find young voters who feel disconnected from this and, and a little hopeless about the future and say, it’s note hopeless if you’re showing up. You know, we don’t need to convince the people who voted for Trump. We need to convince the people who didn’t vote. So, those are the folks we want to find.

You all are the people who are already doing that regular part of the process so you can be sort of the mentor and the guide. And we want to partner with all of you in that as much as possible, as loudly as possible, for as long as we need to.



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