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The office was closed.

Close to sixty individuals showed up outside Representative Vicky Hartzler’s (r) Columbia distict office today to take issue with her support of Trumpcare. Since the office was closed the group lined up facing the traffic on South Providence Road. They spent over an hour and a half doing, holding signs and waving to the passing traffic – which, more often than not, leaned on their horns in support.

There were similar actions today at Representative Hartzler’s (r) district offices in Lebanon and Harrisonville.

Yes, I do this for free…

Vicky voted to make America sick again.

Anti-life, pro-death.


No cuts to our care.

Messages left on the district office door:

Closed for meetings…

Vicki – I was here. Where were you [?]

I want the truth

No more billionaire welfare

Time for an independent commission to investigate Russian ties!

We expect town halls. It’s your job to meet us!

Save the ACA!

Vicky, Why do you support an American fascist narcissistic personality disordered DT who wants to emulate + repeat Hitler’s History? You do not represent me!

The First Amendment is an all American thing.

We estimate that the probability of Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) holding an open public town hall in the district anytime soon is zero.