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Not any time soon.

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday afternoon, via Twitter, from Senator Roy Blunt (r):

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
Met w/ local officials in Eureka for an update on flood recovery efforts impacting local schools, families & small businesses
1:51 PM – 21 May 2017

Some of the responses:

Roy Blunt is alive !! We heard rumors
Why no town halls Roy

He always comes alive for a photo op or one sided radio talk show!

Back in Missouri? So, are you going to meet with your constituents? We’d like to talk to you about #ACA, healthcare and #TrumpRussia.

Town hall where can discuss the impact of defunding public education, purposefully causing ACA to fail at the expense of Americans

meanwhile, your constituents are still waiting to meet with you in a town hall.

Quit posing and posting…acting like you do not do what benefits you!

You continue to sneak around the state, leaving word only after your appearances. It’s like a mobile undisclosed location. VERY stealth.

Yet you still aren’t holding town halls? Why no town halls Mr. Blunt?

What townhalls are on your schedule? I can’t find them on your webpage.

No, not any time soon.


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