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Yesterday, via Twitter, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Rep. Vicky Hartzler‏ @RepHartzler
2/2 I was blessed to share a prayer for our nation, along with @SpeakerRyan and many more of my colleagues at the event.
6:29 PM – 26 Apr 2017

Some of the responses:

Did you pray Trump’s tax plan passes so you get a tax cut? Or are thankful for no townhalls?

Quick question – do you support the new @HouseGOP healthcare bill that exempts you and your staff? My folks in #Columbia want to know?

Who are they praying to? The god of money, greed, white supremacy, nationalism …….?

Oh word. An absolutely shining example of the separation of church and state.

Keep religion out of government.

Please pray that we are delivered from greed and malice.

With a psychopath as @POTUS our country needs a prayer.

More than prayer, we need competence, compassion, and courage, all of which are sorely lacking amongst our leadership in the WH and Congress

As a minister, I feel the need to call out your #hypocrisy….
Matthew 6:5-15 (NIV)

so when do we get the same insurance you guy have????

@SpeakerRyan needs to pray as his approval rating is lower than 45. How do you plan to vote on the healthcare/death plan? #PartyofDeath

Your “righteousness ” is appalling

Let’s say a prayer for the Muslims you want to ban, the immigrants you want to deport, and the millions you want to deprive of health care.

You wouldn’t have to pray so much, if you weren’t actively trying to destroy it

Isn’t that precious. Maybe u and the other Mgs need to pray for a little compassion and common sense.

I’m praying for our nation because of the Christian hypocrisy in the government. Shame on you.

Separation of church and State. All republicans think they can just do what they want under the guise of being good Christians. PHONY!!!

A nice christian prayer I assume. Don’t want to upset the fundamentalist base who are supporting a top down theocracy now do we?

Jefferson’s wall. Excellent idea. Look it up.

Do you praying for the Americans who will lose healthcare? Do you even care?

Thanks for screwing us over every single day and then praying for us!!! Bless your hearrrrrrrrrrrrt, hypocrite!

And they did.