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Jason Kander (D) [2016 file photo].

A continuation from early March. Jason Kander (D) last night, via Twitter, about Donald Trump’s (r) deflection of responsibility game when ordering military intervention.

Jason Kander‏ @JasonKander
First, I remain doubtful about the need for drastic change to this process.
9:26 PM – 5 Apr 2017

Jason Kander @JasonKander
Second, even if POTUS chooses to streamline the mission approval process, it is morally wrong to be so dismissive of civilian casualties.
9:28 PM – 5 Apr 2017

Jason Kander‏ @JasonKander
And civilian casualties will cost us working relationships with friends. That makes it nearly impossible to fight bad guys.
9:29 PM – 5 Apr 2017

Jason Kander‏ @JasonKander
Regardless, NONE of this requires removing POTUS from decision. Good people will die and POTUS’s top priority is how it looks for him.
9:31 PM – 5 Apr 2017

Jason Kander‏ @JasonKander
He is ducking responsibility. It is a disgusting level of selfishness. He’s putting lives at risk, but he’s not willing to risk looking bad.
9:32 PM – 5 Apr 2017

Jason Kander‏ @JasonKander
Finally, POTUS loves to act/talk tough. I taught combat leadership in Army Officer Candidate School. You, Sir, wouldn’t last a day in OCS.
9:34 PM – 5 Apr 2017

Remind us again, who is acting presidential?

Kander 2020.