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Looking out for working people. Not.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) sticks it to working people, yesterday via Twitter:


Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler
The overtime rule hurts everyday Americans, raises the cost of living, & reduces wages/incomes. [….]
3:10 PM – 23 Nov 2016

The responses are uniformly derisive:


Jolene Sugarbaker ‏@JolenesTrailer
@RepHartzler It hurts to get paid for every hour you work? What planet do you live on? You are not for the people! #Fail
4:29 PM – 23 Nov 2016


Jolene Sugarbaker ‏@JolenesTrailer
@RepHartzler Do you get paid for every hour you work? What’s next? Take away health care? Happy Holidays from Vicky!
4:30 PM – 23 Nov 2016

Yep, that’s on the agenda, too.


Katie Dunne ‏@kdunne42
@RepHartzler I disagree. It sounds as though you support protecting employers *at the expense of* their employees.
4:48 PM – 23 Nov 2016

Well, yes, that’s always been the republican point.

Katie Dunne ‏@kdunne42
Even those who work at nonprofits (as I have done) deserve a fair and commensurate remuneration for the work they do.
4:51 PM – 23 Nov 2016


tothepitchforks ‏@tothepitchfork
@RepHartzler So working overtime but not getting paid for it is ok? How about employers find ways to not have their staff work overtime.
3:23 PM – 23 Nov 2016

Like, maybe hire more people to do the work required? Or, if they have to work overtime, maybe, you know, actually pay employees for doing so?

It’s gonna be a long (at least) two years.