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There was a debate last night between Tim Kaine (D) and Mike Pence (r), the candidates for Vice President.

It’s beyond ironic in our post truth society, even with instant access to technology which allows us all to easily verify almost everything, that the denial of facts and, you know, what is the actual reality merits style points from self appointed media gatekeepers if delivered in a sufficiently deferential and plastic manner. This same world view considers it extremely rude to point this out.

Someone on Twitter understands that:


Dave Scott ‏@DaveScottSC
“Sure Trump’s a dangerous racist, less qualified to be president than any nominee who’s ever run, & Pence lied a lot. But Kaine interrupted”
5:54 AM – 5 Oct 2016

From Hillary Clinton’s (D) campaign:


Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton
At the #VPDebate, Mike Pence tried really, really hard to deny pretty much everything Donald Trump has said and done. Let’s replay the tape:
7:29 AM – 5 Oct 2016