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Apparently America’s media elite and gatekeepers of all that is sacred in inside the beltway conventional wisdom are upset that Hillary Clinton (D) has pneumonia and didn’t personally speed dial them immediately to deliver the news. Donald Trump’s (r) absent tax returns are no big deal.

I remember the 2000 election. Thought we’d forget all about it, huh, Ceci? Not a chance.

Years ago I was working a legislative reelection campaign for one of the genuinely nicest, most gracious and hard working individuals I have ever met in politics. At one point late in the very tough, stressful, and nasty campaign the silence of some previous supporters came up in a discussion. The candidate turned to me and said, with an uncharecteristically hard look, “I have a long memory.” My blood ran cold.

I, too, have a long memory.

America’s failed media experiment is why this blog exists.

The village, via Twitter:


David Sirota ‏@davidsirota
Twitter is now just an unending stream of Dem operatives, Dem pundits & Clinton think tank folk berating journos for scrutinizing Clinton
10:39 AM – 12 Sep 2016

David Sirota has a point there. I mean, if they don’t scrutinize how many bottles of water Hillary Clinton drinks, who will?


Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin
@davidsirota Yeah, for the good old days before social media when old media could gang up on Al Gore without consequence.
11:14 AM – 12 Sep 2016


David Axelrod (2014 file photo).

David Axelrod (2014 file photo).

….feeding the inside the beltway conventional wisdom, from someone who should know better:


David Axelrod ‏@davidaxelrod
Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. What’s the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems?
7:20 AM – 12 Sep 2016

Because in an some people’s alternate reality our media actually covers relevant news stories effectively?


Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin
@davidaxelrod Pretending the last 24 years of media chasing any shiny bauble never happened? Just speculating,would be irresponsible not to.
9:05 AM – 12 Sep 2016

We’re doomed.


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