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From Charles P. Pierce at Esquire:

….Back in May, the House passed a bill banning the display of the Confederate battle flag at VA cemeteries. This was the last big victory in the fight to eliminate the gonfalon of sedition from its entirely undeserved place of honor in our national life, one that began after the Mother Emanuel massacre in Charleston. Somehow, by a calculation so twisted it defies rational explanation, some Republicans in the House decided to sneak a provision into the Zika bill that would rescind this new rule….

The bill also included “…a provision that would loosen restrictions on the use of dangerous pesticides and a provision that would deny funding to Planned Parenthood…”

"[T]he gonfalon of sedition" [center foreground]

“[T]he gonfalon of sedition” [foreground]

From Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) yesterday, via Twitter:


Rep. Vicky Hartzler‏@RepHartzler
Senate Democrats have chosen to put partisan politics ahead of defending against the #Zika virus. [….] 11:36 AM – 28 Jun 2016

That’s real chutzpah. The Twitterverse responded:


Glic ‏@Glic
.@RepHartzler Why did you add pro-Confederate flag language to a *Zika* bill?Your post is fundamentally dishonest and grotesque. 1:11 PM – 28 Jun 2016


Jp ‏@JDP6
@RepHartzler [….] funny thing is your voting base is dumb enough to believe this 12:10 PM – 28 Jun 2016


Diana Ranly ‏@dogzandcoffee
@RepHartzler I think you have that backwards. 2:48 PM – 28 Jun 2016

Nope, they’re not buying it either.