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There’s some explaining to do today for some republicans in the Missouri General Assembly:


Jason Rosenbaum‏@jrosenbaum
. @calebrowden on why he voted against #SJR39:

Rep. Rowden Issues Statement on SJR 39

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – “I have spent most of my adult life in ministry; first as a full time Christian recording artist and second as the Worship Pastor at my church in Columbia. I did not believe SJR 39 was the right way to move our state forward at a time when people in Missouri are looking for leadership on how to fix our roads, grow our economy, and keep our families safe.”

4:18 PM – 27 Apr 2016

Gee, if only the same philosophy applied to Medicaid expansion.

And to think, Stephen Webber (D) is running for the same seat. Go figure.


Ed Emery might go on the attack to defend SJR39 – but only if brave Torry revolutionaries get his back (April 13, 2016)