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Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt made it to the front page of the DailyKos today. He thinks that college student debt is a function of students’ luxurious lifestyles. DailyKos‘ Joan McCarter quotes the Kansas City Star:

… Blunt pointed to the “personal living standard” of students as a significant factor in rising levels of student debt.

“I’m pretty confident over the years that the student expectations for their personal living standards often have increased from where they would have been just a few years ago,” Blunt told Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

I have several nieces who are currently in school or who have recently graduated. Nice to know that their cheap, often substandard apartments and monotonous diets of ramen noodles and more ramen noodles count as as luxurious living. The ramen noodles were, incidentally, often purchased with the proceeds from one or more jobs that were necessary  to supplement student aid or scholarships.

Nor were my nieces’ experiences exceptional – a point made by Jason Kander, Blunt’s challenger in this fall’s election, after he actually consulted with MU students and financial aid officers. As for Blunt’s bona fides, McCarter comments that he didn’t offer “any evidence, but he’s confident this is the problem nonetheless.”

You’d think that ol’ Roy would be a little more careful not to show how out of touch with the daily life of his constituents he has become after spending so many years on the Georgetown social circuit where his rich pals go all out to give their little Johnnies  and Susies a fancy ride when they take up their legacy spots at Princeton or Yale.