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Today from Senator Roy Blunt (r), via Twitter:


Senator Roy Blunt‏@RoyBlunt
As usual, WH gets it wrong. Again, Senate shouldn’t confirm SCOTUS justice until we have a new president. I will not vote for Obama nominee. 2:18 PM – 23 Feb 2016

Some of the responses:


thechairqueen ‏@thechairqueen
@RoyBlunt while you are busy doing nothing, maybe take that time to read the Constitution. #scotus 8:10 PM – 23 Feb 2016


The Standard ‏@nffc65
.@RoyBlunt so basically you refuse to do the job you are being paid for? 8:11 PM – 23 Feb 2016


Michael Thurman ‏@smichaelthurman
@RoyBlunt You’ve got to be embarrassed for your self, right? Come on… 3:06 PM – 23 Feb 2016

Nah, nothing every embarrasses Senator Roy Blunt.

There’s plenty more where that came from.


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