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A video on Eric Greitens (r) recent phone conversation meltdown with John Brunner (r) – from the Missouri Democratic Party:

[Republicans said Eric Greitens was not a true conservative.]

[This is what happened nest.] [ring]

[Greitens phone call to GOP candidate John Brunner. Nov. 14, 2015]

Eric Greitens (r): Oh, John. Oh, John. Where, where you, where can we meet tomorrow, John?


Name the place, John. [John Brunner: “Seven a.m. on Monday.”] Name the place, John, tomorrow.

Eric Greitens (r): Oh, Jesus, you’re such a coward, John. [John Brunner: “…Monday.”] I think you’re a coward, that’s what I said. [John Brunner: “Oh, well, that’s…”] I said you’re a coward.

[John Brunner: “…demanding I adapt to you…”] Eric Greitens (r): Oh, John Brunner. Oh my God, you are such a weasel. [….] Are you gonna meet tomorrow or not? Tell me where you’re gonna be? [John Brunner: “Eric…”] Where are you gonna be tomorrow? [John Brunner: “Eric, listen my friend, Eric…”] I’m asking you a question, John. Are you afraid to meet tomorrow?

[“Ominous” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11/24/15]
[“Name-calling” Kansas City Business Journal, 11/25/15]
[“Losing his sh*t” Riverfront Times, 11/30/15]

Eric Greitens (r): I can’t wait to see you in person my friend. I cannot wait.

[Listen to the full 10-minute call at….]

[Paid for by Missouri Democratic State Committee….]

And the reaction, via Twitter:


Eric Greitens ‏@EricGreitens
Missouri Dem party joins my Republican opponent in attacking me. A great sign! #wearewinning #theoutsider #mogov [….] 2:54 PM – 1 Dec 2015

Ask Todd Akin (r) about that.

One of the responses:


David Turner ‏@A_Tall_Turner
.@EricGreitens Or a sign that your toddler-like tantrum was just a really odd way to go about scheduling a meeting. 4:09 PM – 1 Dec 2015

And continued reaction from the candidate:


Eric Greitens ‏@EricGreitens
Yes [….] 3:38 PM – 1 Dec 2015

Eli Yokley ‏@eyokley
Is @JohnBrunnerMO helping @MODemParty primary meddling, once again? His tape in anti-@EricGreitens messaging. #MOGov 1:59 PM – 1 Dec 2015

Does anyone ever get a “pass” in Missouri politics when they open their mouth? With the easily available technology every candidate should expect that there will be a record of what they’ve said every time they speak.


We never get out of junior high school (November 24, 2015)