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Today, via Twitter:

barb shelly ‏@bshelly

#MOLeg “sanctity of life” committee grasping for an irregularity in Columbia clinic opening. No bombshell yet. [….] 1:40 PM – 13 Aug 2015

Yael T. Abouhalkah ‏@YaelTAbouhalkah

Glad colleague @bshelly is watching Planned Parenthood witch-hunt. Don’t need to see more #moleg shenanigans today  [….] 1:52 PM – 13 Aug 2015

Sean Nicholson ‏@ssnich

This ‘hearing’ is actually dumber than I expected #moleg 1:53 PM – 13 Aug 2015

Peak Wingnut can never be realized, nor will the Wingnut Event Horizon ever be broached.

Grace Haun ‏@gracehaun

The bombshell is a “Cmte on the Sanctity of Life” isn’t discussing #Medicaid expansion #MoLeg [….]2:06 PM – 13 Aug 2015