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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [August 2014 file photo].

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) posted a request on Facebook yesterday, looking for responses to her question about the Affordable Care Act:

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler

Yesterday at 10:31am ·

Have you run into troubles with your taxes due to Obamacare? Has Obamacare given you a headache instead of a cure? I want to hear your story. As Tax Day nears, visit my website and tell me how Obama’s onerous “tax” has affected you.


[emphasis added]

Much hilarity ensued. A few of the responses:

[….] You don’t want my story because I’m totally satisfied with the ACA. Sorry to disappoint you in your search for validation.

Yesterday at 10:41am

[….] I haven’t had any issues with ACA or taxes. Thanks for asking!

Yesterday at 10:47am

[….] As someone who can’t afford health insurance, I wasn’t fined for not having health insurance. Find a new witch to hunt.

Yesterday at 10:50am

[….] My son was able to get medical insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. Please don’t play politics with this.

Yesterday at 10:53am

[….] Congresswoman Hartzler > Instead of looking for only negative stories that fit your narrative of Obama-bashing, why don’t you pretend to be less partisan and ask for honest feedback of ALL kinds? Lots of people have good stories to tell about their experience with the Affordable Care Act… why not seek the truth, instead of only the negativity? There are bad aspects to it, to be sure, but your job is to find ways to IMPROVE it, not to engage in hate sessions with your constituents. Don’t forget that this kind of childish behavior is remembered at election time. It is beneath your office to behave like this. We deserve better.

Yesterday at 11:01am

[….] Nothing could have been easier!

Yesterday at 11:34am

[….] I’ve had no problems with the ACA and filing my taxes was a breeze. Thanks for asking!

Yesterday at 11:37am

[….] Over 16.5 MILLION people now have insurance because of this onerous program. You morons would do well to get REAL!

Yesterday at 11:42am

[….] Onerous program? do you no realize it cuts the deficit and repealing it would add hundreds of billions to the deficit?

Yesterday at 11:48am

[….] How long is Congress going to allow obama to destroy this Country

Yesterday at 11:55am

Not on point, but okay then.

[….] Obama Care is working for millions of Americans, just check the numbers. I wish you would spend more time on looking into what really needs attention like rebuilding our failing infrastructure, which would add many jobs and thus boost our economy.

Yesterday at 12:19pm

[….] My 17 years living without health insurance were worse than any IRS issue.

Yesterday at 1:06pm

[….] My coverage got better!! With no increase in premium or out of pocket

Yesterday at 1:24pm

And another’s reply to that:

[….] That’s great! Mine was similar. A slight increase in premiums but nothing that doesn’t make me rejoice for the millions who are now covered.

Yesterday at 3:39pm

[….] Why would ANYONE need a Story? The Fact that obama and His Treasonous Democrats Voted for, Passed and Exempted themselves and thier staffers from Commie Care.

Yesterday at 2:44pm

Ah, Faux News Channel alternate reality. There were a few other responses that had complaints.

Most were positive.

[….] How clueless are you exactly, Congresswoman? Americans overwhelming support ACA (even your fellow Reptilians support it in polls when it is called by it’s actually name and not “Obamacare, which proves how stupid your constituents are) – there are more people protected by insurance currently in the country than EVER in history thanks to ACA.

Yet you and your idiotic cronies keep wasting time and money on trying to repeal something that HELPS the majority of Americans? And, in the same breath want to tell us you AREN’T owned by your Corporate Lords & Masters??? The only ones more stupid than you are the inbreds that voted for you.

Yesterday at 3:14pm

[….] The problem with republicans is they’re all chiefs and no Indians. If this congresswoman has a better way to ensure all have access to quality and affordable care, let’s hear it. Otherwise she should shut her pie hole and be grateful she gets 200 thousand a year from taxpayers to do nothing.

Yesterday at 3:16pm

[….] I have health insurance BECAUSE OF the ACA; I wouldn’t be able to get it without that. “Pre-existing condition” is something that eventually affects everyone!!!!

I agree; if you have a better plan, cough it up. Otherwise please STFU.

Yesterday at 3:20pm

[….] Stupid Congress woman. GOP healthcare=toe tag and a morgue drawer

Yesterday at 3:34pm

[….] It was good for me. Bashing it, won’t help anyone.

23 hrs

[….] Would you like to hear my story? It’s been great! I have been able to keep my kids on insurance throughout their college years. My husband who has a preexisting condition would have been “uninsurable” now has options. Preventative care is covered.

23 hrs

[….] Its been a huge help to my entire family, and to many readers of my newspaper column. Some are saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year; some have health insurance for the first time since they aged out of their parents’ policy. Please stop these politically motivated and ill-advised attacks on a long overdue program.

22 hrs

[….] No Vicky, I had problems BEFORE the ACA. My problems were no insurance and now I’m covered. No thanks to you.

19 hrs

[….] Our family is very pleased with the ACA. We now have access to more medical services, we haven’t had to pay any copays, and the coverage network area has increased. Before the ACA we paid $1,100 per month for a $3,000 individual/$6500 family deductible. We now pay $600 per month for a $500 individual/$1,000 family deductible – with better services.

46 mins

That went well.