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Senator Claire McCaskill (D) sent a New Year’s message via e-mail and posted it on Facebook:

Senator Claire McCaskill

14 in ’14

Another year comes to a close-a year in which we worked together to expand job opportunities, strengthen accountability, and deliver concrete results for Missourians and Americans across the country.

I want to take a moment to share with you some highlights of my work in the Senate in 2014 (below).

And in the meantime, I hope you and your family and loved ones have a blessed beginning to the new year. – Claire

Fighting for Missouri-14 in ’14

A year of expanding job opportunities, protecting consumers [,] delivering for veterans, and strengthening accountability across the federal government


[emphasis in original]

Apparently, being to the right of your party qualifies as being “moderate”. As if that mollifies the other party and their base. They’ll never come around, nor will they ever accept a self-bestowed label of moderation. Meanwhile, the Keystone XL pipeline upsets Senator McCaskill’s base.

Some of the replies:

[….] All the while standing by Pres Obama while our debt goes above $18 trillion, we leave Iraq abruptly and now are sending our troops back, labor participation rate is at a record low and Americans do not feel they are any better off. Everything you do is on the margins….just for show.

[….] Claie [sic], you forgot to add that you are a lackey for OBAMA! Time for you to retire in 2016.

[…] Why you should reconsider your support of the Keystone XL Pipeline – You state the Keystone XL pipeline will “will improve U.S. energy security”. This is simply not true. This pipeline will not shield Americans from Middle Eastern volatility and will not lower oil prices. A single world oil price prevails and disruptions to production anywhere in the world cause price fluctuations. In addition, the Keystone XL Pipeline is an “export pipeline” – from Alberta right down to a tax-free Foreign Trade Zone in Texas and out to foreign markets. The U.S. is awash in oil with more than Americans can use – which explains why refiners are exporting it by the boatload. You state the Keystone Pipeline “will also result in the creation of several thousand short-term construction jobs and a number of permanent jobs for ongoing maintenance of the pipeline”. The estimates of short-term non-local construction jobs range from 2,500 – 6,000 over two years. The permanent long-term job creation is estimated at 35-50. These are relatively small numbers when weighed against the health and environmental risks. Plus, most experts agree that the Pipeline will result in lower investments in “green energy”, which means fewer new jobs … many fewer than 35 – 50.

In the end, it looks like the EU, China and Latin America get the oil, the foreign-owned oil companies get the profits and Americans are left cleaning up oil spills and shouldering the pollution burden from extracting and refining the dirty tar sands.

There is only one way to improve U.S. energy security – use less oil.

[….] You forgot that you are using a false statement to vote YES for the XL Keystone Pipeline that will NOT create more jobs nor create GAS for the United States…..this pipeline will also create an Eminent Domaine situation, and we will take yet MORE land from the Native Americans after already stealing their land and putting them in the bitter cold Dakotas. Next time vote NO for the Keystone XL pipeline.

[….] The KeystoneXL has again been confirmed to bring genocide to First Nations in Canada while destroying a land mass the size of Illinois and the third largest water shed in the world now making the water not suitable for consumption. Taking four gallons of water to get one gallon of the toxic brew that flows through Keystone would put pedal to the metal of more asthma and children’s deaths whereever it is sent. Decades more of denial for global warming and more money to fund denial locks us in. As the issue of our lives it moves everything done far to the right in my humble opinion and will be at least seen as the largest crime against humanity in human history if not prosecutions. How in the name of God can a woman support the death and destruction of KeystoneXL and tarsands that the Canadians are finally insurng they stop one to their coast?

[….] please, Claire can you just retire so we can can elect a conservative. You don’t need the salary of a US Senator, you already have enough money. Didn’t Barry say that there comes a time when people have enough money. Seems your time has come.

[….] Did the staffers write this?


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