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This says it all, in today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Editorial: For Congress in Missouri 2nd, Arthur Lieber shows up better

There’s a saying in politics that elections are won by those who show up. Perhaps that’s so for voters, but a key part of U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner’s strategy for re-election in Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District is to not show up.

She’s raised a lot of money – $2.19 million. She appears in controlled settings for photo-ops with friendly faces. She avoids going anywhere near her opponents.

Good luck asking about it: The contact number listed on her campaign’s website is not a working number. The email address for media inquiries gets you a 404 error message.

The 52-year-old Ballwin Republican knows the election is hers to lose….

….We had hoped for a more independent voice when we endorsed Ms. Wagner in 2012. This time around, we recommend that 2nd District voters choose Democrat Arthur Lieber of Creve Coeur….

….he’s right: Campaign money is the root of all evil in politics. Arthur Lieber is not afraid to show up and say so.

Maybe at some point in the future incumbents with access to unlimited funds won’t have to worry about those pesky voters. Oh, wait…