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Yesterday, via Facebook:

Friends to Re-Elect Judge Pat Joyce

Yesterday at 9:00am ·


Distorting a 32-year record of public service and undermining the trust that this community has placed in me as a county court judge for the last 20 years is disgraceful and sad. A campaign with over $200,000 at its disposal-directly and indirectly-can spend a lot to do that.

On Friday, the News Tribune reported on a mailing sent to voters that misrepresents a decision I made in 2008 involving the law that prohibits a registered sex offender’s residence within 1000 feet of a school. The mailing doesn’t tell you the sex offender owned his property 7 years prior to the law’s enactment and that the Missouri Constitution prohibits retroactive application of laws. The Missouri Supreme Court unanimously affirmed my strict application of the constitutional provision in that case.

This case is a prime example of why politics should have no place in how a judge performs her job, applying the facts to the law.

The decision on November 4 should come down to the person the voters trust the most, and the person they believe is most qualified.

The large sums of money being spent by and for Brian Stumpe are staggering. The vast majority of his support is being provided by a person or persons unknown, and that should be alarming to citizens of this county who believe judges should be fair and impartial.

Contributors to my campaign, non-lawyers and lawyers alike, are publicly reported. They expect no favors-all they want is a fair court that’s free of outside influence. But because of secret donors to Mr. Stumpe’s campaign, no one will know who might have influence over him if he’s elected. The integrity and independence of the court will be questioned, and that should never happen. It’s a matter of trust.

This week, Mr. Stumpe has a final opportunity to appear at an open candidates’ forum and face the public. On Thursday, Oct. 30 at 5:30 p.m., at Lincoln University’s Pawley Theatre, candidates for county elective offices will appear to talk and take questions. I will be attending. Will Mr. Stumpe be there?

I am deeply thankful and humbled by the support you’ve given me during these last weeks of the campaign, and during my long service to the county. I will continue to work to be worthy of that support.

Judge Pat Joyce

19th Judicial Circuit (Cole County)

That about sums it up.

Welcome to Missouri and America in the 21st century.


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