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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) weighed in on Ebola on Facebook:

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler shared a link.

October 24

In light of the recent diagnosis of a health care worker with Ebola in New York, I have expanded my call for control measures to stem the spread of this deadly disease in the United States. […]

Much hilarity ensued:

[….] Vicky, I’d really like to know why, on the one hand you and your colleagues scream DEREGULATION…. FREEDOM FROM Government… CUT EVERYTHING… lower taxes on the rich…YET, YET… When some type of hyped up “disaster” occurs.. (How stupid to worry more about Ebola than feeding our citizens)… that can be oh, so politicized.. you and your coherts suddenly want MORE REGULATION… MORE LAWS… and instead of having a mature and intellectual understanding of a situation immediately start blaming our President. You are such opportunists. It is pathetic and immoral, in my opinion to monger some obscure fear to gain votes. I cannot believe that people actually fall for this.

8 · October 24 at 4:59pm

In reply to that comment:

[….] you are correct. I feel the Congresswoman has come totally unhinged and should see professional help.

about an hour ago

And more comments:

[….] Are you also calling a ban on firearms because of the 39 school deaths from shootings?

October 24 at 7:31pm

[….] Never act or react out of fear, please!

October 24 at 4:41pm

[….] Vicky- You better worry more about dying from influenza than Ebola, since the flu kills more people in the US every year. Do us all a big favor, stay out of medical policy and leave it up to the medical professionals. Every time politicians and journalists start talking about Ebola, the hysteria gets worse. Being a health professional I resent having a politician telling me how to do my job.

October 24 at 7:23pm

[….] Please don’t use this horrible epidemic for political gain. The CDC is saying that they only way to stop the spread of Ebola is to stop it in Africa. The health care workers have already been self monitoring themselves. That is why the Dr in NY made sure to be transferred to the hospital with an isolation unit.

October 24 at 4:28pm

[….] Like all of your fellow right wing contemporaries you seem to have all kinds of recommendations but zero actual experience with handling a deadly disease. All you are doing is trying to make political hay through fear. I do not want a bunch of people who have proven over and over again that the welfare of their constituents is at the bottom of their priority list making any decisions for my safety or the country’s safety. Leave that to the experts. The people who DO have experience – and training – to make recommendations. And leave it to people who have actually shown that they value my safety to evaluate those recommendations and take appropriate action. I realize that you on the right see the Ebola issue as a gift right now, but it’s not. If you aren’t willing to do your job and work WITH the President and the experts, then at least stay out of it and quit trying to make it your next “fake scandal” or political ad.

October 24 at 11:53am

[….] So whats next Vik? Have us all report to FEMA camps to be safe? That would be ironic. How bout you resign and do us all a big favor.

October 24 at 6:21pm

[….] Ebola’s been around for decades and nobody cared. Now that it’s come to the U.S., the low information voters are worried because their masters at Fox News have them scared poopless. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in fear all the time. You all got a do nothing… that has done nothing in office. She couldn’t even vote for the Violence against Women Act without toeing a party line and embarrassing this district. You all got rid of old Ike because he was a Democrat. At least that guy had honor and integrity. I hope Vicky burns the district to the ground. You all deserve it.

October 24 at 4:29pm

[….] And btw, we VERY POSSIBLY had a vaccine for Ebola by now, as there are a few great possibilities in the research chain. Unfortunately when you take away R&D money, science must then triage our health. The finger points right back at you and I am so very sorry for my nation that somehow you and your ilk have haranged the ignorant and false news watchers into trusting you. You have not fooled me and I will fight and fight to spread the truth.

October 24 at 5:02pm

They’re evidently not true believers.