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This morning, near Warrensburg, Missouri:

The Rex Sinquefield funded PAC Grow Missouri’s moving billboard at

the University of Central Missouri’s Skyhaven Airport near Warrensburg this morning.

We’re not sure if anyone else noticed the irony of utilizing the facility of an institution as a stopover for a propaganda mechanism of the PAC that advocates for defunding that institution (and others across the state).

Who’s paying for this? Show them the money:

How “a broad based coalition” is now defined in Missouri and America (September 12, 2014)


That’s all of the contributions – $6,045,000.00 from one person and $22,000.00 in-kind from a group associated with lobbyists who also lobby for the person who wrote the big checks.

Let’s put that all in perspective:

The Grow Missouri PAC’s “broad based coalition” consists of $6,045,000.00 from Rex Sinquefield (in blue)

and $22,000.00 (in-kind) from Pelopidas LLC over the fourteen month existence of the PAC.

That’s your “broad based coalition”.


That can buy a lot of toys, among other things.

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