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Previously: HB 1770: Pyrrhic pay cut (April 9, 2014)

From the Journal of the House, Forty-ninth Day-Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 1058 [pdf]:

….HB 1770, relating to labor organizations, was again taken up by Representative Burlison.

Representative Burlison offered House Amendment No. 1.

House Amendment No. 1

AMEND House Bill No. 1770, Page 1, Section 290.591, Line 1, by inserting after the number “290.591. 1.” the following:

“All people shall be guaranteed the freedom to work without being required to join or pay dues to any labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment. To this end, subsections 2 and 3 of this section shall apply to labor organizations, employers, and employees.

2.”; and

Further amend said page and section, Line 9, by deleting the number “2” and inserting in lieu thereof the number “3”; and

Further amend said bill, Page 2, Section C, Lines 5 through 7, by deleting all of said lines and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

“”Shall Missouri law be amended to guarantee all people the freedom to work without being required to join or pay dues to any labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment?

It is estimated this proposal will result in little or no costs or savings for state and local governmental entities.”.”; and

Further amend said bill by amending the title, enacting clause, and intersectional references accordingly.

On motion of Representative Burlison, House Amendment No. 1 was adopted.

On motion of Representative Burlison, HB 1770, as amended, was ordered perfected and printed by the following vote:

AYES: 078

Allen Anderson Austin Bahr Barnes

Bernskoetter Brattin Brown Burlison Cierpiot

Cookson Cox Crawford Cross Curtman

Davis Diehl Dohrman Dugger Elmer

Entlicher Fitzpatrick Flanigan Fraker Franklin

Frederick Gosen Guernsey Haahr Hampton

Hoskins Hough Houghton Hurst Johnson

Jones 50 Justus Keeney Kelley 127 Koenig

Kolkmeyer Lair Lant Leara Lichtenegger

Love Lynch Marshall McGaugh Messenger

Miller Moon Morris Muntzel Parkinson

Phillips Pike Pogue Redmon Rehder

Reiboldt Remole Rhoads Richardson Ross

Rowland Scharnhorst Schatz Schieber Shull

Shumake Swan Thomson Walker White

Wilson Wood Mr. Speaker

NOES: 068

Anders Black Burns Butler Carpenter

Colona Conway 10 Conway 104 Curtis Dunn

Ellington Engler English Englund Fitzwater

Frame Funderburk Gannon Gardner Gatschenberger

Harris Hicks Higdon Hubbard Hummel

Kelly 45 Kirkton Korman Kratky Lauer

May Mayfield McCaherty McCann Beatty McDonald

McKenna McManus McNeil Meredith Mims

Mitten Molendorp Montecillo Morgan Neth

Newman Nichols Norr Otto Pace

Peters Pierson Riddle Rizzo Roorda

Runions Schieffer Schupp Smith Sommer

Spencer Swearingen Torpey Walton Gray Webber

Wieland Wright Zerr


Berry Pfautsch


Cornejo Ellinger Grisamore Haefner Hansen

Hinson Hodges LaFaver Neely Rowden

Solon Stream


[emphasis in original]

In November working people need to remember who their friends are. We’ll help remind them.