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It’s the last week of the session (May 14, 2013)

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As the House considered SB 224 in yesterday’s session it became a vehicle for adding amendments (provisions that existed in other amendments in other bills or for bills which are languishing in legislative purgatory).

SB 224 [….]

Last Action: 5/16/2013 – Requests to Recede or Grant Conference Calendar–SCS for SB 224-Curls, et al, with HA 1, HA 2, HA 3, HA 4, HSA 1 for HA 5, HA 6, HA 7 & HA 8 (Senate requests House recede or grant conference)


[emphasis added]

HA 5 to SB 224 was introduced by Representative Rick Brattin (r). Representative Jeff Roorda (D) raised a point of order, pointing out that this particular amendment was going to be a vehicle for something else (it was). From the House Rules:

Must Be Germane

Rule 69. [pdf] No motion or proposition on a subject different from that under consideration shall be admitted under color of amendment.

The Speaker ruled against the point of order.

Representative Jeff Roorda (D).

Sure enough, Representative Holly Rehder (r) was recognized and introduced HSA [House Substitute Amendment] 1 to HA 5 to SB 224.

Representative Roorda (D) asked in his inquiry of Representative Rehder (r) if the substitute amendment was another vehicle to apply “right to work” to public sector first responder unions (specifically, the bill would apply to Kansas City Police). Representative Rehder (r) answered, eventually, that the amendment would indeed do so. A request was made for a recorded vote (with at least five members standing to agree). The recorded vote was granted.

Representative Holly Rehder (r).

Curiously, Representative Rehder (r) is Chair of the Issue Development Standing Committee on Workers Freedom of the House. That’s so 1984.

Meanwhile, Representative Rick Brattin (r) watched the proceedings:

Representative Rick Brattin (r). Yes, that Rick Brattin.

Representatives Eric Burlison (r) (left) and Holly Rehder (r) (right).

The amendment was approved 85-71 in a roll call (recorded vote).

The republican anti organized labor agenda will keep returning like zombie b-movie sequels.