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Sen. Claire McCaskill (D): for marriage equality (March 24, 2013)

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D): cue the trolls (March 25, 2013)

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) [file photo]

Even more anti marriage equality troll excess on Senator Claire McCaskill’s facebook page:

….”Dear Claire,

Your official position on same-sex marriage will be changing. From now on, you are for it. As always, thank you for your blind compliance.


Dem Leadership”….

….Shame on Claire. You never stated an agree or disagree with the same sex marrage until your lord and God Obama made a stand. If there is actually a statement on recored before he made his politically correct statement. If their is please print it also all the links that I can check on it….

….Claire: Do you love that unborn aborted child? After all, Cell division is proof of life. Human DNA is proof of human life, and Human DNA different than that of the mother is proof of individual human life….

….The common misconception is that you serve the people, but some are aware you and those like you serve yourself. Adults don’t want their lives controlled by what your children think or what you think history will agree with. It usually agrees with who writes it, not fact….

Is that a fact?

The trolls continue:

….What one generation does, the next generation takes to excess. When will it end?….

Uh, when there’s equality for everyone? Just guessing.

….I disagree with your stand Senator. Looking fwd to your leaving office….

The earliest would be January 2019.

….But if your Love and Hope is not in God, then the bible quote will not pertain to you..

You must worship the creator, not the created!! I noticed the post about claire wanting gay marriage in Missouri to pass was deleted, this sort of behavior (gay and lesbian) is an abomination and against the laws of God!! I will still pray for you and those lost to this way of life..

It won’t matter how many times this sort of posts get deleted, or how many fancy distorted ways you advocate for this behavior, you will not escape your judgement day with God, nor will any of us!! I urge you please, reconsider your position on this matter….

Ah, someone with a direct line.

….Clarie’s childern must be queers!….

….So are you pretending to be a christian now.Claire?….

Who’s asking?

….This is why you’ll be unemployed soon….

Uh, January 2019 at the earliest. Are there no trolls who understand the length of a term for a United States Senator? Seriously?

….Your turning one Nation Under God into One Nation Head to Hell…Marriage is a Biblical joining of a man and a women Government should not have anything to do with marriages….

I think we just met the first person in line who gave up their federal tax advantages when it comes to marriage. Yeah, right.

The trolls doth protest too much, methinks.