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The major paper in the largest population center in the 4th Congressional District endorsed Teresa Hensley (D) who is challenging one term incumbent Vicky Hartzler (r) in the November general election.

Cass County Prosecutor Teresa Hensley (D) received the endorsement of the Columbia Daily Tribune today in the 4th Congressional District race.

The Tribune’s View

Fourth District

Teresa Hensley vs. Vicky Hartzler

By Henry J. Waters III

Friday, October 12, 2012

One of the season’s easiest endorsements from this corner is for Teresa Hensley in her congressional race against incumbent Vicky Hartzler in the Fourth District.

During her time in the Missouri House of Representatives, the Republican earned the sobriquet “Vicky Von Hartzler” for her far-right positions. Since her election to Congress, she has done nothing to soften that image, remaining a faithful supporter of fringe conservatism. She and Rep. Todd Akin have been birds of a feather….

….On almost any issue, you can find Hartzler is on the extreme right. Certainly her views do not reflect those of most Boone Countians – or even of Mitt Romney.

Hensley is appealing in her own right…she is a moderate law-and-order type with eminent good sense

….In Teresa Hensley we have a chance to elect a smart moderate who will defend the broad center against the Hartzlers of the world.

Teresa Hensley for Fourth District, U.S. Congress.


[emphasis added]

Vicky Hartzler (r) came up empty on the Columbia Daily Tribune endorsement.