By @BGinKC

A long-running theme of blogging for me has been healthcare. Specifically, mine-vs-yours. I have single payer because my husband served you in uniform for multiple hitches. I use my federally-funded healthcare at a hospital that is one of the community health centers that will benefit from the newly-upheld Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare(s).

Don’t ever tell me that the government can’t deliver healthcare because I know it can. Yesterday afternoon I went to the GYN clinic for an appointment to have a procedure done. Since it couldn’t be completed, we went with plan b. That involves laproscopic surgery today.

My appointment was mid-afternoon. Pretty late for setting a plan b in motion, but these guys know what they’re doing. I was sent downstairs to the Cardiology clinic for an EKG, then to radiology for a sonogram. I went back to GYN after the EKG and sonogram were done, and I left with pre-op orders at about 5:30. My wait time in both Cardiology and Radiology was less than 20 minutes and I was worked in at the end of the day.

I have said this before and I will say it again . . . THIS SHIT NEEDS TO BE UNIVERSAL.

Quality, competent, affordable healthcare are a basic human right for any member of a society that wants to call itself “civilized.”

We did what we did early in our lives because we give a good god-damn about the people in this country and their safety, security and well being. During the Cold War, my husband maintained the nuclear arsenal that stood across the divide with the Soviet Union and didn’t blink. His Air Force career has something for everyone, too. The first third of it, he maintained missiles, the middle third he had a dual maintenance and deactivation mission, and the final third was all deactivation of off-line weapons.

That was then. We don’t face any nuclear threats now. Now your security and your safety and your well being aren’t threatened by a foreign military power, they are threatened by our healthcare system.

Or they were, anyway. It’s getting better, but the fight isn’t over,

The republicans want to take away the advances we have made toward that goal and on the other side you have people like me won’t stop fighting this battle until everyone has the same feeling of security about their health and well being as I do and no one in this country lies awake at night worrying about an illness costing them everything they have worked for all their lives.