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In the latest Vanity Fair, an investigative report on Mitt Romney’s (r) finances:

Where the Money Lives

By Nicholas Shaxson

….Mysteries also arise when one looks at [Mitt] Romney’s individual retirement account at Bain Capital. When Romney was there, from 1984 to 1999, taxpayers were allowed to put just $2,000 per year into an I.R.A., and $30,000 annually into a different kind of plan he may have used. Given these annual contribution ceilings, how can his I.R.A. possibly contain up to $102 million, as his financial disclosures now suggest?….

[emphasis added]

The answer? There are things that benefit the 1% that the 99% could never take advantage of.

The next time a right wingnut in the lowest income quintile touts Mitt Romney’s success to you ask them this question: How do you amass over $100 million in an individual retirement account over fifteen years when the maximum possible annual contribution is $2,000 to $30,000?

Nobody is that lucky. And I’ve heard Mitt Romney speak. He ain’t that smart.