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Actually it’s important for progressives to support Senator McCaskill for a number of reasons. But, as the GOP figures out how to keep the Obamacare tantrum going strong, Dave Weigel gives us one more reason to value McCaskill, a Democratic Senator in a purplish state who, nevertheless, makes no bones abut her support for health care for all (see here and here):

… Basically, whatever Mitt Romney says, and however he seems to dodge a question, the political factors that will govern his presidency are the make-ups of the House, Senate, and states. For months, Tea Party groups have been focusing on Senate races, not on the presidential race. They want and need enough votes to force a vote on “Obamacare” repeal in reconcilation — meaning, they’d need only 50 votes and Vice President Luis Fortuno (I’m guessing!) to scrap the law….

Of course, this means that if we want to keep Obamacare and make it even better, we’ve got to hustle harder than ever to keep not only McCaskill, but Barack Obama in Washington.