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On Tuesday evening we had the opportunity to speak briefly with Jim White (D), the Democratic Party candidate in the 55th Legislative District:

Video by Jerry Schmidt.

Show Me Progress: I’m Michael Bersin with Show Me Progress and I’m speaking with Jim White who is a candidate, a Democratic candidate in the 55th Legislative District.

What brought you to running for office?

Jim White (D): Well, like everybody else I’m really getting tired of hearing, uh, the Missouri legislature being a, uh, tag line on Stephen Colbert or someplace else. We’ve had a long time where not much has gotten done. People seem unable to work with other people. I’m not a politician, this is the first time running for office, and I would like to be a part of trying to get things done for the citizens of this district and the state, uh, any way I can.

Show Me Progress: As you talk to voters in this district what are you hearing from them?    

Jim White (D): I think that the concerns that they have are the concerns that people have all over. They’re concerned about the economy, of course, about their jobs, about women’s rights, about voting rights, uh, and about nothing getting done in Jefferson City to deal with those, and particularly, also education. We need to really put the emphasis in this state on education.

Show Me Progress: So, you’re hearing a lot of frustration on their part about what’s going on in Jefferson City.

Jim White (D): Uh, what’s not going on in Jefferson City is the frustrating part. Uh, the things that get dealt with aren’t things that are important to anybody, it’s the don’t say gay and that sort of business which is nonsensical.

Show Me Progress: Well, thank you very much for your time.

Jim White (D): You’re welcome. Thank you, Michael.

Jim White (D) at a parade in Belton, Missouri on Saturday, June 16, 2012.