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You spend a lot of cash propping up someone who will actually have an opponent in the general election.

Previously: Campaign Finance: money is not a problem (March 29, 2012)

From the Missouri Secretary of State:

State Senator – District 15


Eric Schmitt 937 BROWNELL AVE

ST LOUIS MO 63122 742 2/28/2012


State Senator – District 23


Tom Dempsey 3103 BUCKSKIN PATH

ST CHARLES MO 63301 2/29/2012


What happens? Today, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C010450 03/31/2012 LEMBKE FOR SENATE Dempsey For Senate Two Westbury Dr St Charles MO 63301 3/30/2012 $25,000.00

C010450 03/31/2012 LEMBKE FOR SENATE Schmitt For Senate PO Box220722 Kirkwood MO 63122 3/30/2012 $25,000.00

[emphasis added]

This is why, failing everything else, the party which is in the minority should have placeholders file for office against the majority’s incumbents.