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Today, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C121045 03/28/2012 TEACHGREAT.ORG Rex Sinquefield 244 Bent Walnut Westphalia MO 65085 Retired 3/27/2012 $75,000.00

[emphasis added]

Teachgreat doesn’t quite cut it. Add a PAC on teaching and Rex Sinquefield’s money and what you get is just another astroturf organization dedicated to trashing K-12 public education.

What are they pushing?:

From the committee’s March 13, 2012 Amended Statement of Committee Organization [pdf] –

“Constitutional Amendment to Art. IX, Relating to Teachers and Certified Staff, 2012-138”

Ah, the old “teacher tenure is really, really bad” schtick.

C121045: Teachgreat.Org

308 E High St Ste 301 Committee Type: Political Action

Jefferson City Mo 65101

(573) 634-2500 Established Date: 01/27/2012



Terry J Brady

4701 Nw 83Nd St

Kansas City Mo 64108

Deputy Treasurer

Kevin Mccoy

5297 Washington Palce St Louis Mo 63108

The language of the initiative if they manage to get the signatures on the petitions:

Constitutional Amendment to Article IX, Relating to Teachers and Certificated Staff, 2012-138

Be it resolved by the people of the state of Missouri that the Constitution be amended:

Article IX is amended by adopting five new sections to be known as Article IX, Sections 3(d), 3(e), 3(f), 3(g), and 3(h), to read as follows:

Section 3(d). All teachers and certificated staff shall be at will employees unless a contract is entered into between a school district and teacher or certificated staff i) prior to the effective date of this section; or ii) pursuant to the provisions of sections 3(e), 3(f), and 3(g) of this article.

Section 3(e). No school district receiving any state funding or local tax revenue funding shall enter into new contracts having a term or duration in excess of three years with teachers or certificated staff.

Section 3(f). Notwithstanding any provisions of this constitution, no school district which uses seniority or duration of employment as a basis, in whole or in part, to retain, remove, promote or demote teachers shall receive any state funding or local tax revenue funding.

Section 3(g). Notwithstanding any provisions of this constitution, every school district shall develop and use local performance standards to retain, remove, promote, demote and set compensation for teachers in such school district, the majority of such standards shall be based upon quantifiable student performance data as measured by objective criteria.

Section 3(h). Nothing in sections 3(d) through 3(h) of this article shall infringe upon the rights of employees to collectively bargain as provided in article I, section 29 of this Constitution.

Teachers and teacher tenure are the enemy in some worlds.