Your quick and dirty, district by district look at the tentative map (a.k.a. “Map 3”) agreed at Midnight by a 8-2 vote of the 2012 Senate Apportionment Commission.

The Map can be viewed here

District 1 (South County) goes into Webster Groves, and went for Obama by around 10%. Which essentially means that Jim Lembke is not in a good spot for re-election to the Senate v. an opponent like Sue Schoemehl. Rumors seem to suggest that Lembke might be looking for a statewide campaign as an exit strategy out of this situation. The Incumbent is Jim Lembke, Likely D

District 2 (West St. Charles) is pretty much the same district as anybody expected. The line between 2 and 23 cuts through the middle of the county. Weldon Spring in the 23rd. Cottleville divided, St. Peters divided, and so on. Open in 2014, Solid R.

District 3 is essentially the same as the current district 3, with minimal changes in Jefferson County (all of Hillsboro is in the 3rd) and losing Carter county. The district was 50/50 in the 2008 Presidential election and is very winnable for Democrat like Joe Fallert.

District 4 is now the Western Edge of STL and Shrewsbury and part of Jennings. Represented by Joe Keaveny, Safe Democrat.

District 5 is the Eastern part of STL. Represented by Robin Wright-Jones, Safe Democratic.

District 6 is Cole, Gasconade, Maries, Miller, Moniteau, Morgan, and Osage Counties. Represented by Mike Kehoe, safe Republican.

District 7 is the first random number shift. As the district moves from West County STL to the current location of the 10th Senate District in KCMO. So congrats to that part of the state for getting 2 Senators for 2 years. The 7th district is open, and Safely Democratic.

District 8 is pretty much the same Republican area of Jackson County, represented by Will Kraus.

District 9 now snakes from Northeast Kansas City to Unity Village. It’s represented by Kiki Curls.

District 10 is now located in Eastern Missouri for some reason. It takes in Audrain, Callaway, Lincoln, Monroe, Montgomery, and Warren Counties. It’ll be represented by Kansas City Democrat Jolie Justus until 2014. Why in the world they put 7 in Kansas City and 10 in Eastern Missouri is a complete mystery to me. There’s already 2 Senate Districts up for election in Jackson County in 2012, and moving 7 to Jackson means that there’s only one Senate district up in Jackson County in 2014. Although Paul Quinn now has something to do in 2014 when he’s termed out of the House. So that might be a reason for the numbering. And to Senator Justus, have fun Representing Eastern Missouri for 2 years.

District 11 is mostly Independence with parts of Northeast Kansas City, Eastern Kansas City and Raytown included to give Paul LeVota new places to campaign. Solidly Democratic.

District 12 is Northwest Missouri, going from Atchison County to Putnam County, taking in part of Clay County. Open in 2014, Solid Republican.

District 13 is North County STL, an open seat and solidly Democratic.

District 14 is a bow from Clayton to Jennings to Bridgeton, Solidly Democratic.

District 15 moves a bit West and looks like it’s gonna be solid Republican turf for Eric Schmitt.

District 16 takes in Camden, Crawford, Dent, Phelps, and Pulaski. It’ll probably be comfortable enough for Dan Brown in 2014.

District 17 went for Obama by 4%. Which would be comforting if there was an announced Democratic Candidate. But there’s still time, maybe even until the end of April if we’re lucky. Ryan Silvey is the Republican candidate for this seat and will be looking over the map to find split towns as a source of complaint. Silvey’s the favorite to win the 17th but one day it’ll be won by Democrat again, we’re sure.

District 18 goes from Pike County to Clark, over to Schuyler, down to Macon, over to Linn and Randolph, and then to Shelby. For a district that was traditionally Democratic and could be contested by someone in the future. The incumbent is Brian Munzlinger.

District 19 is Boone and Cooper Counties. It’s a better marriage for Kurt Schaefer in his race v. Mary Still. The district still went for Obama by 9%. Enjoy all your trips to Boonville on I-70, Candidates!

District 20 is Christian County and a donut shaped part of of Greene County. Represented by Jay Wasson.

District 21 goes from Johnson County, up to Lafayette, to Saline, Howard, Chariton, Livingston, Caldwell, Ray, and Carroll. The district went for McCain by 13% but could be a 50/50 district on the state level. David Pearce will be the incumbent in the district, but he hasn’t represented any part of the district outside of Johnson County.

District 22 is pretty much the same part of Northern Jefferson County as before. It’ll be open, competitive, but leaning Dem.

District 23 is Eastern St. Charles County. Pretty much the same district as the previous district but more eastern.

District 24 moves west a bit for Republican incumbent John Lamping. Town and County, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, Ladue. STL experts can make the call here.

District 25 drops Ripley County, and adds Shannon, Mississippi, and Carter Counties. Terry Swinger and Billy Pat Wright are likely opponents for this open Senate Seat, which would presumably lean R, but having Dunklin, Mississippi, New Madrid, and Pemiscot Counties in the same district will have to be a team to overcome the Republican margins in Butler and Stoddard Counties.

District 26 is Franklin County and West County STL. Brian Nieves is the State Senator. And Jane Cunningham is a resident of the district (yes, Jane Cunningham looks to be drawn out of the Senate on this map, barring a UHaul truck taking her to another part of St. Louis County). Safe Republican.

District 27 goes from Scott County, to Cape County to Perry, Madison, Wayne, and Bollinger. It’s an open seat which will be contested by Wayne Wallingford and Ellen Brandom. Safe Republican.

District 28 is a bit less complex now. It goes from Cedar County over to Laclede. And it goes from Polk County to Pettis County. Represented by Mike Parson, still Republican.

District 29 is Barry, Lawrence, McDonald, Stone, and Taney Counties. I think it’s open in 2012 (I believe Goodman is termed out).

District 30 is Springfield.

District 31 goes down US71 from Cass to Barton County, and it also includes Henry and St. Clair Counties. Scott Largent is running for the Senate and will continue doing so. And maybe someone from the current 31st will run as well.

District 32 is Dade, Jasper, and Newton Counties. Represented by Ron Richard. Safe Republican.

District 33 goes down the Arkansas Border from Ozark to Ripley Counties. It also includes Douglas, Webster, Wright, and Texas Counties.

District 34 is Buchanan and Platte Counties.

Here’s a low-tech map showing the districts (without going into the bigger counties to show the splits)

So, do your own math. Even if doing math in the morning is a risk.